Monday, January 30, 2012

Baby Shower!!!

Baby shower! I had a family and friends baby shower on Saturday at my mom's house. It was delightful and perfect! I have been so blessed by the family I am part of and the friends God has placed in my life.

Here are a few pictures of the decor: We rearranged the "Jackson" blocks numerous ways and this was the cutest. Too bad there couldn't have been four on the bottom and three on the top! The colored blocks on the right were full of m&m's. The bear on the bike is now Jack's and he looks similar to my bear "Rufus" that Matthew got me for our first Valentine's Day together.

Now for the best decoration of the party: The diaper bicycle! Seriously, how adorable is that? All the items are super useful for baby, but I don't think I'll be able to take it apart! It'll be a nice decoration in the nursery for a good bit and then when Jack is a little older maybe I'll take it apart to use the bottles, washcloths, and bibs.

Even has Virginia plates on the front and back. How cute!

Then the mantle was decorated with pictures of Matthew and I as babies/children. I think Jack will be pretty cutesy! I plan to frame the "Jackson" mirrors and hang them on his door.

I sat in front of the presents and bunting banner. I took the banner to hang at the hospital. I had one from the gender reveal party, but it was made of paper from the dollar store. This one is made of fabric and is much much cuter! Yay for decorations!

And the diaper cake! My mom made this and then found the design for the diaper bike. So she just went and bought more diapers! She knows we are using cloth diapers, but wanted a diaper cake anyways! She said she didn't care if we actually used the diapers or not. Of course, I'll make sure to use them so they don't go to waste. We'll be out and about, have sitters, and Jack will be in the church nursery. So there will be plenty of opportunity for disposable diapers!

Name tags! The bottom portion is folded up like a diaper! It's super cute when it's unfolded too. You can see the front flap on mine started to unfold. One of the games was that someone had a "dirty diaper"! So cute! Under everyone's name was their relation to Jack. Mine says "Jackson's Mommy" and Susan's says "Jackson's Great-Aunt", etc.

Now for the food! It was all delicious and PERFECT! Here is an example the drinks. Root beer and bottled water. There was also delicious sherbet punch and Diet Coke.

And the spread! Colleen (pictured left) made the fruit kabobs. The fruit was so fresh and delicious! We had croissant sandwiches with different fixings, cheese dip with crackers, veggies and dip, cupcakes, and other little sweets (like Blue Hershey's kisses that's tails said "It's a Boy").

Yummy cupcakes! I ate two!

Now for some of the lovely guests. I should have taken more pictures of me with the guests, but time got away from me! Here are the Iveson women! My mother-in-law completely surprised me by flying in from California! She took the redeye and got there right before the shower! When Grandma and Aunt Sue arrived I saw someone else behind them and saw the blonde hair. I thought that maybe it was Matt's cousin Cheyenne. Then *gasp* it's Mom! What a wonderful surprise! It was so good to see her and I am so thankful she was able to be at one of my showers/ see me while still pregnant!

My bestest friend, Abby, was able to come to the shower as well. She is so naughty though! She had gotten me a gift card to Motherhood Maternity when I first found out I was pregnant (which I used to buy this dress) and also got me a Target gift card for my shower in December. I told her NOT to get me any more presents for baby! Well, she brought him a lovely present that I love! She is such a great friend and Jack can't wait to meet his Aunt Abby!

My wonderful mommy! She did such an amazing job planning the shower and decorating. She also has pampered me and Jackson so much! Maternity clothes can be such a pain to buy for the little time you wear them (hopefully I'll be able to wear my maternity clothes for years to come with more babies) and she has helped so much towards that expense. Plus, she has showered us with gifts for Jack! He is one spoiled little boy already!

My mom traditionally does an "ABC" basket for wedding or baby showers. She made this ABC basket into a book filled with pictures of Matt and I at various stages of our lives! An example is "A is for A&D..." then goes on with some kind of rhyme. It all is things that are necessary for baby or mommy. In this picture I'm holding up one of those giant "mommy hook" carabiners, but I don't remember which letter it corresponded with. (oh, and Livy and Brookie were very interested in the book!)

I am waiting on some pictures my Dad took before the shower and my MIL took during the shower, but here's an example of a present I received. A mirror that plays music! So much learning for Jack! I plan to hang this on his crib, in his playpen, against things when he's on the floor, and on the back seat so I can see him in his carseat. So many uses for one gift!

After everyone was gone, we got a picture of my dad and his three girls. Like I said, I have been very blessed with my family. My dad is perfect for raising girls. He is consistent, loving, extremely patient, and one of the wisest people I know (in so many aspects). My sisters have become my friends and have taught me so much about life, love, marriage, and motherhood. I am so blessed to have their examples in my life.

Jack received so many wonderful presents at the shower! He got many adorable outfits to span through his first and second years, lots of good nursery things, burp cloths, blankets, and lots of good toys to play with! We also got some gift cards and checks that will help with the "online only" registry items. I used one gift card to purchase his Fisher Price sleeper that I plan to use for naps and as a bassinet in our bedroom for the first couple months. The pattern I wanted was out of stock for the past couple weeks. I checked online after the shower and it was in stock again! Not wanting to miss it I quickly ordered it and it should be here later this week. So excited and thankful for the giftcard!

It is so exciting to be able to get things ready for him. Makes it seem much more real how close it is! Only 65 days until his due date! This weekend we'll set up the furniture we have. The chair should be here next week. I have some more crafts for his room to finish. My sister, Lisa, is sewing the curtain for his room (which will be PERFECT!). The excitement is growing (as is my belly)!

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