Monday, January 30, 2012

Weekend Trip Home

It's going to be another one of those days where I make multiple posts due to differing subjects.

First post, my weekend trip home! The purpose of the trip was for a baby shower. That will be post number two.

I flew home Thursday afternoon. My first two flights went off smoothly. The only downside, sitting on an airplane while 30 weeks pregnant... not ideal. Back aches, neck aches, difficulty sleeping, difficulty getting comfortable. Then... in Chicago there was an issue with a window seal on the plane. After 2.5 hours of checking and re-checking, we got a new plane. I got in around 11:30 pm. Late night.

The next morning my dad had scheduled breakfast with my grandparents. While I certainly wanted to spend time with them, I wanted to sleep in as well. Thankfully, I got a nice nap later in the afternoon.

Here are my adorable grandparents. I am so thankful they live in Grand Rapids now. Easy for visits when I get up to Michigan and adds security knowing they're close to their doctors and family.

Later Friday, my mom and I went shopping. Dad wanted to tag along to spend time with me since I was only home for a brief weekend. He had worked all night the previous night, but still cut his sleep time short to spend time with me. I feel loved! We went to Babies R Us (of course) and took advantage of the Expectant Mothers parking! We found some cutesy outfits and added some newborn outfits to the pile since I had hesitated buying those in case baby is big. My mom said he should fit in newborns for at least the first week since he'll be so scrunched up. We also got some more maternity clothes for me. My favorite purchase? Jack's homecoming outfit! It is super cute! Can't wait to bring him home!!!

We headed over to the mall to use my mom's Gap card reward card. We looked around for some things for Jack at Baby Gap. We found him an adorable fall/winter coat for next year! It's so soft and warm and is like a peacoat style with a hood. We also got him a khaki cap, like the kind that I call a "Grandpa" hat. He'll be so handsome!

We moseyed over to Banana Republic because my mom wanted to look there! Yeah, I was a little shocked too! She found some cute stuff but didn't end up buying any of it. I saw this fancy schmancy trench coat. I showed it to my mom and explained how this kind of coat was on my want list for when our finances even out after the baby. I wanted to save up and buy a really nice one though, that would last a good long while. We left the store and looked at some coats elsewhere because my mom wanted to get me one for my graduation present. She didn't like the quality of the other ones we looked at and said we should just go back to Banana and get that original one! I protested as it was way to expensive for a graduation present, but she knew I would get a lot of use out of it and she wanted it to look sharp. So... behold! My graduation presents! My trench coat from my mom and my amazing leather boots from my husband!

Speaking of those boots, I LOVE them! It is so difficult to find boots that fit comfortably (or at all) around my calves. I have very muscular calves and since I am so short it makes things like boots difficult. I found these boots on on sale. They had the width of the calf opening listed and it seemed to fit. So I ordered them. Genuine leather. They came... and miracle! They fit! I was so excited! They even fit over my skinny jeans! Possibly my legs are swollen with pregnancy too, so maybe they will fit even better once baby comes. I love the color as they work with jeans, dresses, dark colors, light colors, this new coat. They are pretty much the perfect boots!

Something I have mentioned before is that I "crave" Golden Wok. I always am excited to go home so I can get Golden Wok, but during this pregnancy I have just wanted it more and more! Unfortunately, there's not even anything close to Golden Wok in Lynchburg. Well, this is my meal: Crab Cheese, Egg Roll, and Beef Fried Rice. Happy momma, happy Jack!

I don't think I've ever made a weekend trip to Michigan since coming down here, including during college. It was always at least a week trip. I certainly won't make a habit of the short trips. It's very tiring. Travel days really wear a person out. I wish we lived closer to family. Maybe someday.

I was very thankful to be back home with my hubby though. He picked me up from the airport then immediately had to leave for work. I am very tired so probably won't stay up until he gets home. But I miss him. He has to work every night this week until Friday, then has Friday, Saturday, Sunday, and Monday off. We'll work on putting together baby's room this weekend. The chair is supposed to be delivered on Monday so we'll be pretty set for him to be born! So exciting! Friday night will definitely be date night!

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