Wednesday, January 25, 2012

30 Weeks

30 weeks sounds so much longer than 29 weeks! It feels like another milestone! Only 10 more weeks to go until due date. Of course, that also means another 2.5 months to go until due date. We'll stick with 10 weeks since that sounds shorter! I anticipate little man arriving between 8-12 weeks from now.

Baby is the size of a cucumber. Between 15-16 inches long from the top of his head to tip of his toes. He weighs around 3 lbs. That makes me feel a little better about the 17 lbs I've gained. Hoping to keep it under 25, but as long as I stay under 35 I'll be happy. 25 is my goal though. Baby is growing growing! I can see him moving every day. Recently there haven't been as many sharp jabs, but more fluid movements. I have been able to feel the outline of the crook of his knees as he moves his legs around. As I have a short torso his feet seem to wiggle a lot right under my sternum. At times it makes it difficult to sit in my office chair or even breathe! A good stretch helps my middle relax more.

I think Jackson is settling into his birthing position. When he has the hiccups I always feel them lower than when I first started feeling them. It almost feels like they're echoing in my pelvis- very interesting feeling. I am thankful that he seems to be crown down at this point. Hopefully he won't do any flips from here on out that will put him in the breach position.

You can see that he is sitting fairly high. This shirt is also long so it makes my entire middle look elongated. I bought this top at The Gap while I was home in December. I wanted it for after pregnancy, but it is so flowy that it fits well now!

I was vey pleasantly surprised by this front view picture. I don't look nearly as wide as I feel. Always a blessing for a pregnant woman. Here's hoping I just keep growing out the front and not in the sides!
This past week at my monthly appointment I had my glucose test. The glucola drink wasn't nearly as bad as I had anticipated after hearing other preggos talk about it. I expected it to be thick with grainy sugar. Mine tasted like Hawaiian Punch with added sugar. My doctor explained that a few years ago all the doctors in the office sat down and tasted all the various flavors and determined the Fruit Punch flavor was by far the most edible. I have a bit of a sweet tooth, so it didn't taste so horrible to me. Don't worry, I would never choose to drink it for fun.

Well, I didn't pass the 1 hour test. My glucose levels needed to be 139 or lower to pass. Mine level was 169. Sigh. Back this week (yesterday) for the extended test. Over the weekend I researched Gestational Diabetes and found some sample menus, just in case. My biggest concerns were pricking my finger 4 times a day and having a 10-11 lb. baby! When I was a child I used to hate going to the doctor because I knew they would prick my finger. I would rather have a needle stuck in my elbow to withdraw blood than that annoying finger prick!

Well, I drank a double portion of the Hawaiian Punch concoction... that was a bit too much for my taste buds to enjoy. I had to fast after midnight the night before and couldn't eat anything throughout the entire 3 hour test! The empty stomach paired with he sugary drink made my stomach upset. I forced myself not to puke as I figured that might mess up the test. Blood was drawn 4 times during this test and thankfully, my levels were normal! No gestational diabetes! What a relief!

I also may have a UTI. I have been taking meds for that this past week and am not sure if they are helping. The primary symptoms are exhaustion and increased urination. Here I thought I was just a typical pregnant woman! The meds do make me slightly sick to my stomach as well so not only do I eat when I take the pills, but I also munch on something for the next hour after taking the pills. That seems to help.

I've started to feel chubby. My middle back area and rear are particular areas of concern. I know this is normal and I'm hoping that nursing and walking will help after baby comes. I'm not too worried about losing my preggo weight, but it would be nice to shed those pounds sooner rather than later. I compared myself to a gummy bear or a tele tubby! At least my hands and feet still haven't swollen at all. That would be uber unattractive!

Third trimester exhaustion has hit in full force! (of course, part of that could be my UTI or the UTI meds- those state they may cause drowsiness) The other day I slept for about 10 straight hours during the night, went to work, took a 5 hour nap, work up briefly to eat something and "get ready for bed", and then went back to bed at the normal time! I woke up the next morning not feeing refreshed, but feeling exhausted and like I hadn't slept at all! When I sleep I actually have pretty solid sleep. I don't have too much trouble getting comfortably and Jackson's movements don't keep me awake. Maybe once I fall asleep he keeps me from getting through all the stages of sleep, but I know I dream because I remember most of my dreams upon waking. Hopefully the exhaustion I'll feel when caring for a newborn will be different than this exhaustion.

We've had to move the couch forward several times to make room for me and belly to make it between the wall and the couch! I never got completely stuck, but squeezing my way through the crack was not enjoyable. My belly also gets in the way when I sit at my desk at work. It's difficult to get comfortable when I want to sprawl across my desk with my computer against the back wall- mostly when I'm tired and need to "lie down". Belly doesn't like that idea and gets all strained. So I am forced to sit up like a regular adult and type type type away at the computer.

I was told by a couple people today that I definitely didn't look 7 months along. This is good for the preggo ego. When I told them how far along I was they said they never would have guessed that! Hopefully baby continues to grow slowly and not too large. So far I have no stretch marks. My doctor explained that while cocoa butter lotion does help, stretch marks occur when the skin stretches too quickly. This happens with fast growth without enough healing time. The top layer of skin isn't affected, so the lotion really won't do much for the marks themselves. Since I don't have them yet, could I possibly make it through this pregnancy without any marks?

Baby definitely responds to food now! I still can't tell if he likes or dislikes something, but when I eat (especially when I am fairly hungry) he begins moving around in response. I imagine him saying, "Thank you, Mommy! I was soooo hungry!" because that's how my belly feels! I am so thankful I do not have GD so I have to limit my food choices. That seems very ironic for a pregnant woman. You get all these cravings but you can't have what you want! Harsh.

I am leaving tomorrow afternoon to go to Michigan for my baby shower this weekend! I have set a pile of clothes out in our bedroom but have to find some more clothes to finish packing. I plan to check a suitcase with a duffel bag inside of it. That way I can fit as many of the presents into it as possible on the return trip. My mom could always bring things with her when she comes after Jackson is born, but I like having it here and looking at it and getting it all set up.

Mommy and Daddy love you so much, Jackson! We can hardly wait to hold you and snuggle you and love on you! Stay safe and keep growing big and strong (but not too big!).

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