Tuesday, January 24, 2012

Upcycling items

I have a few items that desperately need to be upcycled. Unfortunately, I am not crafty and have no idea how to go about this! Thank the Lord for the internet! Seriously, this is truly something to be thankful for. At my fingertips I can search pictures, step-by-step how to's, lists of definitely don't, and cost saving tricks.

I bought two frames that have hung above our bed for... probably over a year! I have been meaning to repaint the frames, buy new mattes, and create some kind of cutesy interior. Hasn't happened yet, but it is on the to-do list. The frames are square and rather large, so I'm worried the mattes might be expensive. I haven't decided what to put inside the frames yet. I thought about our initials, Mr. and Mrs., His and Hers, Your and Mine, and our profiles. Just not sure. Maybe I'll just put in prints of something to add some color to our room. Who knows? But... I have to get on this project eventually.

I also stumbled upon this old, rather ugly bookshelf at work. It was just sitting there in the office so I asked what was happening with it. It was up for grabs! Now, this looks like a handmade bookshelf, not super study, and like I said, ugly. But... it's free. Right now, free is always good. I figured, I stain it black to match our bedroom furniture and throw it against the wall opposite our bed. Make-shift dresser! I have a lot of T-shirts and sweaters/ sweatshirts. Those don't really need to be hung up so I could simply fold them in neat piles. That way I can see everything laid out and easily find the shirt I want! The top shelf will be used for makeup, mirrors, jewelry. Now I just have to get the thing to my car! Hopefully it'll fit in the back. Matthew probably won't like this idea, but oh well! Right now we don't have the extra cash to buy a new dresser... so this will certainly do until we move! Plus, like I said, free!

I don't really know when I'll have time to do all of this. Third trimester exhaustion has hit full force... which I'll go more into detail about tomorrow for my weekly preggo post. We still have to rearrange the guest room and then set up the nursery. Speaking of which, I may have figured out a way to fix the curtain issue! Hopefully it'll work out how I'm envisioning it.

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