Monday, January 23, 2012

Out of Stock

Checking my registry and seeing "Out of stock" on some of my favorite items does not give me warm fuzzies. There is a Fisher Price Sleeper that I really, really want in a specific color. It is out of stock at Target so I added it in a different color at Babies R Us. I figure if it comes back in stock at Target I can return the Babies R Us one and use the store credit for just about anything else. I really hope it comes back available before baby. It's not a big deal, just preference.

My curtains for the nursery are still out of stock as well. I want to finish up this nursery and want the cutesy curtains that matchy match! Sigh.


Potentially good news... but it doesn't sound correct, so we'll see. I received a call from Liberty Mutual that a claim had been filed for my fender bender. Obviously the other party filed this claim. I called Liberty Mutual back after work to give them my side of the accident and all that good stuff. We're not planning on fixing the minor dent in my front bumper, plus it will act as a good reminder for me to be a careful driver. The representative then proceeded to inform me that if no work would be done on my vehicle then they can close my side of the claim. Ok, that sounds good. I asked about the $100 deductible for the other vehicle's repairs. Apparently I don't have to pay that? I only have to pay it if I want my vehicle fixed? And Liberty Mutual will work with the other party and I basically am finished? And my premium won't go up? See, doesn't that sound fishy? But... I'll take it! Maybe it's because a police report wasn't filed. I knew that was a bad idea for their side of things, but I wasn't going to argue when she asked if I was ok leaving the police out of it! Good grief! So... that makes me happy! I had some travel checks coming from work that I had planned to buy more diapers for baby... then they were going to cover this accident... now back to diapers for baby!

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