Monday, January 09, 2012

Higher Education

I was reading an article just now and thought to myself, "Sometimes I really despise working in higher education". This thought was quickly followed by, "Well, I guess it all comes down to politics in higher education, which is fueled by politicis in general". Which was quickly followed by, "Maybe I should just stick to reading fiction".

What aggravates me is how journalism (which this technically wasn't) is no longer neutral. Wrtiers are known for the various stances they take and their articles need no filter. Gone are the days when writers posited views and beliefs, but not of themselves... just as one opinion. Granted, this particular article I was reading was in a publication specifically on higher education and this issue was targeting conservatism.

The article itself wasn't truly that upsetting. No, I did not agree with a lot of what it said, but that is the author's right. But online publications now feature comment sections to all articles. I wish these comments would be hidden with the option to read. But as I scroll down the comments are there and even if I don't intend to read them... my eyes glance over the basic content. There are a lot of ignorant people out there who comment, as in they do not know how to spell or use proper grammar. A second class of ignorance includes people who do not understand the point they are "defending" so prove the opposing position stronger than the original statement/article/ fact. Then there are commenters who attack specific individuals (the author/ popular names regarding the subject/ or other commenters) instead of the issues, which is unprofessional. Then there are people who I disagree with in general, which is always less pleasant to read.

I don't comment on news pages or professional webpages since I wouldn't go back to check if someone responded to my comment. I have tried to keep from commenting on blogs/facebook/ or other social media on controversial topics as well. Sometimes I might send an email or personal message about the subject, but that way it is not open for discussion to the entire world. But, sometimes the ease of the "reply" button gets to me. I am getting better though. I also like that you can "unsubscribe" to certain people who's posts you don't agree with or just don't like on facebook. I do not want to unfriend these people, but also don't want to hear about their sports teams or liberal political views.

End rant.

In other news: Matthew is progressing through the steps for Army Officer Candidate Selection. Prayers are always appreciated!

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