Tuesday, December 20, 2011


Since we don't have TV access (never got a converter box and don't want cable yet)... I am often behind in news stories. I generally don't mind. I listen to morning radio and that keeps me abreast on several issues and stories. I check Fox News every once in awhile for interesting stories.

Today I checked Fox News. The world is a very depressing place. Children being abducted... people killing other people... not enough money for families to celebrate Christmas... people being sued over how they choose to celebrate Christmas... etc etc etc. I am not a fan of the Coexist stickers... but I do believe that even if people are different than us (especially in beliefs) we should respect their humanity. While I am certainly not a universalist, so the insight in the Coexist view cannot possibly truly exist... I believe in showing others the love of Christ no matter their political, economic, or spiritual affiliations. Reading over the news and local, national, and global happenings makes me sad at just how many people do not appreciate the gift of life.

One thing I am not proud of in my life is my pride. I am proud of the life I have and my accomplishments. I take a lot of things for granted because I have had an easy life. Sure, there have certainly been valleys... but nothing life shattering. I have been very blessed. Yet, even I do no fully appreciate life. I do not fully appreciate the lives of those around me. I do not love others as I should. Reading the news reminds me of this. Maybe I should read the news more often. It's very humbling.

On a very unrelated note (except it was in some headlines)... I don't really know who Tebow is. I know he's some kind of sports person... I know he's supposedly a Christian... I know he's all over people's facebook statuses. I don't follow sports... at all. I think all the athletes I'm familiar with are retired. I don't really have any interest in following sports and just because there's a new hot celebrity everyone is talking about online doesn't mean I'm interested in learning any more about him. It is interesting how quickly something like that can become a fad though.

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