Wednesday, December 21, 2011

25 Weeks!

Happy 25 Weeks, Jackson! While you still have 15 Weeks until your due date, 12-13 more weeks sounds just fine! On the one hand, I would LOVE for you to be an April baby. So cooking until due date would be just fine! On the other hand, I just can't wait to hold and snuggle you! As long as you're healthy and happy I won't care when you come. Just please be nice to mommy when you do!

Here's the weekly belly picture!

People who didn't previously know I was expecting have begun congratulating me with no explanations needed! Kind of hard to think that bump is just extra breakfast! I'm loving that bump!

I bought that shirt at Forever 21 in... Philly? I bought it in a size S and thought I would be able to wear it for awhile yet. It's loose and lovely. I might be able to wear it until Jackson comes! It has a lot more stretch than I anticipated! This is the first time I've worn it and it will definitely be making reappearances!

You may have noticed that my long locks are gone. I had been thinking about chopping off my hair for months and while I was home in Michigan finally just went ahead and did it. I also added bangs, which Matthew has been wanting for awhile. The bangs were cut to be more sweepy, but I like them going along with my part. At first I didn't like the cut at all. Then it was ok, but I still planned on growing it all out. Now... I might go shorter in a month or so and I still haven't decided about the bangs. They're growing on me! Women and hair! It'll be a good "preggo cut" either way. It was definitely time for a change!

Weekly updates: No major cravings or aversions. I'm still not trusting Mexican. The cereal of choice this week is Fruity Pebbles, I know, so healthy. I also am enjoying crackers and cheese... but that's nothing new! I do have a heightened sense of smell... but thankfully it hasn't made me nauseated recently. It is slightly annoying to smell every little thing though. Especially in an office. I have gained 14 pounds from my pre-preggo weight. Not too bad. Not exactly where I had planned to be at 25 weeks... but little man is growing! He is right where he's supposed to be for size and I am still healthy, so I guess the weight isn't anything to fuss over. I haven't gained much noticeable weight in my arms or legs or rear and my face might be just a little bit more round. All in all, I can't complain about what pregnancy has done to my body.

Jackson's kicks have gotten MUCH stronger! I've been feeling him kick and flip every day since around 19 weeks... but now there are times where a little "Oh" pops out to accompany the kicks! We have a little soccer player in there! I also have taken to staring at my belly when he's active. Yes, you can certainly see him rippling across my abdomen! Matt hasn't seen it yet... and really doesn't want to. He does enjoy feeling him kick though. While he felt him kick for the first time a few weeks ago, now he doesn't have to push hard into my belly or wedge his hand between my belly and the couch/mattress/ etc. in order to feel it. Good strong legs and fast growing boy!

I still haven't unpacked from our vacation, but once I do some pictures of his presents will be posted. Let's just say he'll be one very well dressed little boy! Everyone has been so generous to us. We are certainly blessed! I am hoarding my gift cards/money until closer to when he arrives to see what we really need. Hopefully soon we'll be able to start setting up his nursery! Tomorrow we're taking our couch to the dump (it's been clawed up by the cats and has been peed on several times by Emily... so Goodwill etc won't take it and no one else should have to live with it!). That will free up some space downstairs so we can reorganize the upstairs to determine where Jackson will go. I thought he would go in the office... but maybe we'll move the guest bedroom to the office and Jack will go in the current guest room. So many decisions! Hopefully we'll at least move our current furniture this weekend while I have some time off so we can put all Jack's things in his room! Then we'll be able to order the nursery furniture! Found the crib... found the changing table... just need to find a rocker that both Matt and I agree on!

I have truly loved pregnancy thus far! Even the parts when I wasn't feeling well were enjoyable because I felt they were part of the whole experience. Matt and I were talking about my post-preggo plan for losing the preggo weight... he was like, "So you would be back to normal right in time for baby number 2?" Unfortunately, that's pretty much the plan! I have a goal to be back in my normal clothes even if I'm a little flabbier/looser than "normal"... and then a second goal of when I want everything tightened up again. Literally it would be just in time for when we would hope baby number 2 would begin baking! Seems like an awful lot of work. Right now I'm thinking 1 and 2 back to back... then a 2-3 year break before 3-4. If we have a girl next then we might begin looking into adoption for the next children. I think Matt suggested that because he really only wants 3 kids. I'm still thinking 5 sounds like a good number. I know, that's a big family!

Today I had a little freak out about finances. I figured out how much we spend on "required" items each month. Some aren't negotiable, like rent, utilities, and insurance. Some are semi-negotiable, like xbox live, proactiv, and netflix. Unfortunately, having internet and data phones are necessities to us. At least I get a cell phone stipend that covers Matt's phone bill (but it only comes every quarter). Well, once I figured out that total each month I figured out how our finances would look when I was on maternity leave. Then I added in if Matt doesn't leave for basic training until September. Hopefully he'll be able to leave sooner than that. It would be tight... and that's without every going out to eat or buying extra things. But... it would definitely be do-able. We haven't lived on a strict budget at all during our marriage... so it's about time we cracked down on some things. We canceled Netflix and Matt said he doesn't need Xbox live. He just got the new Star Wars RPG, so he should be pretty content with that and Skyrim. We have a good savings account and three more months to bulk that up even more. Realistically, we won't have any problems when I go on maternity leave and probably won't even need to dig into our savings too much or at all. When you look at the numbers adding up it just makes you a little anxious, is all.

This past week was a great week. Soon we'll be in the double digits for the countdown to the due date! We're at 105 days today! Cannot wait to hold my little snuggle bean!


Forgot to add a funny story. I was sitting on the couch watching some Glee yesterday (sadly, we have canceled our Netflix so no more old seasons of Glee or Grey's etc) and Emily crawled up on my belly. She snuggled down and then Jack kicked her hard! Her head swung around and she stared at the spot. I laughed and she hopped down. Too bad, I would've loved to have seen what she would've done if Jack had continued!

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