Monday, December 19, 2011

Graduated Again

Done done done!
I am finally done with my Master's degree!
Never buying another textbook required for class.
Never writing another research paper for a grade.
Never emailing a professor to battle over a test grade.

I finished my test on Saturday right before my family Christmas celebration.
I was stressed (see previous post), but it was also nice knowing that no matter what the outcome... I would soon be DONE!
Got a 92 on the test (that's 2 questions wrong), which I didn't think was too bad seeing as I didn't read about half the texts! I did all the reading in one textbook, and then some reading in the second book. Good enough.
If I am calculating my final grade correctly, I should have a 95.7.
A 94-95 is an A-. A 96+ is an A.
I don't think at the Master's level there really is a grade of A-.
So... I got an A? Right?
My final grade has to be posted within 2 weeks of the last day of class. That's Dec. 30.
So we'll see what the final grade is. If it is indeed an A... then 4.0 baby!
If it is an A-... I don't know what GPA that would end up being. But either way, it's not a B.
I was extremely lazy in this last class so I'm feeling pretty good about it all things considered.

It is such a relief knowing I can go home and not stress about homework.
I have been very tired recently so being able to take a nap (or just go to bed) when I get home without feeling guilty about putting off homework will be nice.
I can finally get back to cleaning the house- which is good since we'll need to do some rearranging in preparation for Jack!
I can get back to pleasure reading, which I have greatly missed the past 8 weeks.
I can probably start working on some crafts to occupy my new found free time.
It will be lovely!

Done done done!
I don't think it's quite hit me yet. I still feel like something is left unfinished.
It's a strange feeling, being done with school. I took 1.5 years off between Undergrad and Grad.
But I knew I would be going back to school.
I might possibly pursue a Doctorate degree someday, but I highly doubt it.
Sigh. No more textbook reading that seems redundent.
No more pointless research that is also redundent.

We also purchased the Harry Potter Bluray box set when it came out.
I now have time to go through and watch those in order.
Matt is getting the Star Wars bluray box set for Christmas. Yes!
It has a LOT of special features on it... I love special features.
Speaking of Star Wars, last night Matt said that he was glad our children would grow up in a home knowledgeable about Star Wars. For a girl, I am pretty up to date on Star Wars!
Oh, and a recent argument Matt and I had about Star Wars was over whether or not Ewoks and Jawa's could be Jedi. I said no. He says yes. I said that they didn't have midichlorians. He was impressed I knew that.
While Jedi Ewoks would be pretty amazing, I just don't think it's possible. Let's add Wookies to that list as well.
Then we got on the subject of where all the other "Yodas" are.
Poor Yoda, all alone in the world.

Does that paragraph show you how excited I am for my evenings? I can watch Harry Potter and Star Wars to my hearts content!

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