Friday, December 16, 2011

Mild Anxiety Attack

So... I am awake right now because tonight I had a mild anxiety attack. Haven't had one of those in awhile. I went through a time (sometime in high school, I don't remember which grade) when I had a series of pretty serious anxiety attacks. They typically happened in the shower... definitely not enjoyable. I don't know what I had to be stressed about in high school... but life sure was *emotional* then.

Anyways, I was at my sister's house watching the boys for the evening. My amazing husband came with me, but I don't think it was too much of a hassle for him. They played Zelda on Nintendo 64 all night! So I began thinking that if I was at the boys' house... that meant it was Thursday night... which meant that tomorrow is Friday... which meant that I had to finish all my gradwork! Whammo! I had this whole week to prepare and somehow it got away from me!

Let's see, Sunday we went to church and had lunch with my sister's family. Sunday afternoon I had a baby shower with my friends. Monday I visited a friend, went shopping with my mom and then we had dinner at Matt's grandparents house. Tuesday I did crafts with Abby, we went over to my sister's house, then we went to dinner with Matt's brother. Wednesday I had a dentist appointment, hung out with Abby again, Mark was over, and we had dinner with Jon and Andrea. Today I went shopping with my mom again, had dinner quickly with Matt and mom, then headed straight to my sister's to watch the boys. Huh... doesn't leave much time for studying and finishing my reading.

Tomorrow was blocked off on our schedules to hang out with Mark and Ashley. But... I may have to bail for a few hours to read that last chapter in my textbook, skim the others real quick, and take my final exam. Hopefully I can get that done while they're all at the gym. I don't need to go to the gym.

So anyways, I realize that I have a lot to do to prepare for this test because I want to do well. I also have a discussion board to do which is a 500 word post that cites 3 articles and then two 100 word replies. I also think about how we have to go to the mall tomorrow to return some pants my mom bought Matt for Christmas that he would like to exchange. I picked them out and I like them. We also want to get our hairs cut sometime tomorrow. Plus I am stressing about our cats being hungry because they eat when they're stressed and alone. Plus that made me think about possibly getting rid of our cats, which I hate the idea of. Then I realized that Jack hadn't been very active all day. A thump here or there but no big kicks. Then I worried something might be wrong with him (cause I do that). Then I worried that if nothing was wrong with him then my worrying would make something happen!

All this while I'm trying to fall asleep and not upset my husband,

So I get out of bed and do my Discussion Board. It actually calmed me down somewhat. At least that's one thing off my list of things to do tomorrow. My test is actually extended until Sunday, which means Saturday for me since we're traveling all day Sunday. I still want to try to get it done tomorrow. Maybe I could do the reading and then take the test Saturday morning. Sigh. I am thinking about just winging it... but if I fail I would be very upset at myself. I know it isn't a big deal and after this last test I'm done done done! But I stress about silly things.

It was ridiculous earlier though. Heart pounding, chest sweating (just slightly), and me wide awake.

Hopefully I can fall asleep now. I am rather tired and it is 3:30 am! Ridiculous!

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