Wednesday, December 14, 2011

24 Weeks

24 Weeks today! 6 months. Woo hoo! Only a couple more weeks and we're in the third trimester!

Here's the weekly picture. I had to take a couple before it did my belly justice. A good light background did the trick!

On Saturday we made the 13 hour trip to Michigan for a week with family. The trip normally takes us around 12 hours, so I was pleased it only took an additional hour this time around. I limited my stops to three extra pee stops. Not too bad for a preggo!

So far Jackson has met his Pap and Grammy, Aunt CC and Ethan and Calvin, Aunt Dee Doy and Uncle Ryan and Noah and Livy and Brookie, Great-Grandparents Iveson and Great Aunt Sue, Uncle Mark, and several of mommy and daddy's friends! Quite the introductions all around. I cannot wait to officially introduce him to these wonderful family and friends. Only a few more months!

Grammy and I went shopping for Jackson. We didn't have too much time so weren't able to do too much damage, but we're going out tomorrow for some more! We did add to Jackson's wardrobe. I'm trying to stock up for at least the first year. Plenty of newborn, 0-3 mos, 3-6 mos, 9-12 mos, and a few 18 mos outfits for now. He will have a pretty full wardrobe by the time he arrives! We bought one preemie sleeper in case he's small. It's so tiny and it's super fuzzy! I hope he can wear it at least the first couple days!

My Michigan friends threw me a lovely shower as well! It was french themed and was delightful. Here is the table after we had filled our plates with our first round of treats.

Some more decorations. They had printed out two random pictures of Matt and I, which conveniently happened to be my favorite pictures of us! We were pretty cute babies... I hope Jackson resembles both of us. See the little piggy bank? It says "Jackson's College Fund". Adorable!

Here are the ladies in attendance. Some couldn't make it, but it ended up being all girls from high school. That was fun so we could all play catch up.
I held my belly in this picture to try to make it pop out. It doesn't even look like I'm preggo though! I should have turned to the side. Oh well. And good gracious, I look... well endowed! I've always been "blessed", but pregnancy sure has inflated things!

Jackson received so many good things! My friends are so generous! I was pleasantly surprised that most of the presents were straight from the registry. I was expecting to receive a lot of baby boy clothes at this shower. I got some very necessary items! Some of my favorite gifts were the submarine bath toy caddy I registered for and a handmade diaper bag from one of my friends. She makes lots of different bags, but this one was a beautiful pattern and is reversible. On one side there are bottle sized pockets. Perfect! It is well made and the handles are sturdy. Love love love!

Thanks so much to Erika and Lauren for the perfect shower!

Other than that, no big preggo updates. Nothing abnormal this week. Nothing new. Baby boy is still very active. I love that. It is very reassuring to feel him kicking every day. Unfortunately, he continues to have the pattern of waking around noon and then again around 10 pm. I wish he could wake around 8 am and then again around 5 pm. Then I would have some peace at night. But he's just preparing me for what's to come!

No major food aversions or cravings. I was able to finally have Golden Wok, which I've been craving since the first trimester! It was delicious! I didn't think I would want it twice in one week (I normally am content with Chinese once on visits home), but I may have to get it again in the next couple of days. It is the best Chinese food I've ever had, preggo or not.

I am so blessed. It truly amazes me that I have a little baby boy growing in my tummy. So far he has been perfect in every way. He is healthy and active and so so adorable. I cannot wait to hold and snuggle him! Three months seems like such a long time!

I am also blessed to have a very supportive and helpful husband. He is so excited for Jackson, which is such a major blessing. I cannot imagine going through this pregnancy without a husband who was just as excited as I for this baby.

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