Friday, December 09, 2011

Phil & Teds Dash

For as much as I like to shop... you'd be surprised how un-impulsive I am when it comes to buying. I'll normally load up on stuff to carry around the store and by the time I'm ready to go I've narrowed it down to 2-3 items... or generally 0. Ask my husband if you don't believe me. He hates it because while he leaves the store with items, I whine that I never get anything. Truth is, I usually decide I don't need the item so I put it back. When I find something specific I've been looking for or know I'll regret not getting... then I buy. I guess it's a good thing?

Well, today I made an impulse buy. Kinda. I did call Matt and my mom about it first. But I made the decision in around 3 hours. So I subscribe to Zulily. I get daily emails letting me about great deals. A lot of them I don't bother with, but today one caught my eye.

Behold! Phil & Teds Dash Jogger! Yes, it is beautiful. Yes, it is lightweight (for a jogging stroller). Yes, it folds up nice in two different ways. Yes, it is out of my price range (listed for $665!).

Yes, I bought it! Why? Discounted down to $319.99! I had been planning to just get an umbrella stroller since I found a pad that you could put in it to support newborns. Seemed like a good solution that was far less expensive than a regular stroller. Turns out, if you plan to do a lot of walking with your baby (which I do since baby will be coming in the springtime) you don't want an umbrella stroller. You want a regular stroller (I found that out in my conversation with my mom today who has had plenty of practice with umbrella strollers!). So... a lot of regular strollers are around this same price. Sure, most of them are slightly cheaper... but what's $50, really? Plus... this is a very high quality stroller! Matt didn't care if I got it. I just picked up a check from Liberty today for $145.00 which is in addition to my normal salary. I was already planning to sell the Quinny tram I bought (which would be another $50-75). So it's really not like we're paying that much for it! Sold!

One of the main things I like about this brand is that it converts to a double stroller! Seriously, how adorable is that? All you do is buy the attachment for the seat on the bottom and voila! There are few attachment options you can do but this one is my favorite. Matt asked, "What if we don't get pregnant again as soon as you hope?" Answer: either seat can hold a child up to 6 years old. Bam.
My purchase came with the stormy cover. I wouldn't have purchased it on it's own, but it will be nice so baby doesn't get wet!
It also comes with this. The Cocoon. It is soft shelled and can be used on it's own or you can set it in the stroller extension! Phil & Teds sells a bassinet too, but it's hard shelled and from my experience with the Quinny tram, that is inconvenient. Since it doesn't fold at all it takes up a lot of trunk space!
Seriously, look how cute! Go to a friend's house for a visit. Baby needs a nap. Perfect solution!
This was also a deal breaker. I wouldn't have bought it if it was not carseat compatible. Not only can you put Phil & Teds carseats in the stroller, but it fits Graco, Chicco, and several other brands as well! I checked at Target and the converter you have to buy is only $34! Done!
So that was my impulsive purchase of the day! I know it was a good decision because even now I feel so excited about this! When I make bad purchases I normally have a gut wrenching feeling immediately afterwards. That actually happened with my Quinny tram, but I just let it go. The tram is not set up on Lynchburg Online Yard Sale for $75 (the price I paid for it) and hopefully someone will pick it up! If not, there's always ebay or Craigslist!

Now some may think that $320 is a lot for a stroller. But this is one of the best brands out there as far as safety and convenience. I'll take it!

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