Sunday, December 04, 2011

In Sight

The end is in sight! I am just one research paper, one test, and one journal article review away from my Master's degree. Woot! Believe it or not, I actually would be perfectly content getting a B in this class. Yes, that is the lazy man's way out... but I figure I've earned to be lazy! After my midterm grade wasn't so hot... I'm really hoping my final exam grade evens it out. I've gotten 100% on every other assignment thusfar, but it's a 96+ to get an A in this class. So... it might even out, it might not. Either way, if I get a B... I'll be content! I'll be graduated and done with school forever! Insert Celebration here.

I did just turn in my major project for this class... which wasn't much of a headache. Actually, I don't think it was difficult or that time consuming at all. I just got lazy and did it in slow stages. But it's done with half a day to spare. So I'm not worrying about it. Now time to read through my sources for my research paper and get that written by the end of the week. Thankfully, this paper only requires 6 sources. Again, seems like the lazy man's way out to me! But I'll take it!

Saturday we'll be leaving for Grand Rapids for a week... so I hope to have my research paper finished by then. Of course, that means I won't be able to be lazy during the week as I generally do most of my writing on the weekends. Sigh. I've almost watched all the Grey's Anatomy on Netflix so I suppose that won't be too much of a distraction. We plan to get regular TV once Jackson is born so I can have something to do during all that nursing time!

We took a Christmas card picture today. Nothing special, just us. I created my card layout and placed my order. I'm really hoping they will arrive before we leave for Michigan so I can just give them to people up there instead of mailing them... but the delivery date isn't anticipated until next week. I can still hope! I mean, how long does it take to print them and put them in a box? Christmas cards truly are a waste of money... but they're fun! I don't care if other people glance at ours and then throw it away. I like it. It's fun to create something new each year and see the changes in my little family. I keep one for myself so that maybe I'll have a small scrapbook devoted to Christmas cards someday. My mom does Mother's Day pictures to show the family growth. Christmas card pictures may be my thing. We'll see.

Ok, enough of a break. Time to get to reading those articles. I should be able to knock them all out tonight. That just leaves making my outline of all the info and then filling in the paragraphs with pretty words. I could quite possibly have this done by Tuesday... if I work hard. But... I like writing a page then taking a break to watch something. So... we'll see.

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