Tuesday, December 06, 2011


A lot of people I talk to do not remember their dreams at all. I must be an oddity, because not only do I generally remember my dreams... but also I remember them in pretty vivid detail! Recently I've had a lot of interesting dreams. I wonder what they could mean?

1) Several dreams have incorporated The Hunger Games. Not much of a mystery there. One thing I hate about that franchise is that the books are so short! I bought them as a three pack on Kindle and it seems like they're just one book. I wish they were longer and more of them... but it would also elongate the story unnecessarily. That's what I get for reading a kiddie book. Anyways, back to my dreams. There was one where I was back at my old high school (with some modifications, of course) and we were in the hunger games. Everyone else (as in hundreds of people) all grouped together and decided that I needed to die first. So there I was scrambling to run away from them while also taking out a few while I was at it. I climbed up on a balcony of sorts and waited in anticipation as the crowd tried to pry open the doors I had somehow blocked. There was an elaborate trap set for once they entered that would take out the majority of the pack. Strange.

2) For the past year or two I've had a recurring dream about high school classes. This is not abnormal for me. I've had recurring dreams (and night terrors) since I was a child. In this dream I am back in the senior wing of high school and trying to get my books for my next class. I stand there and can't remember my schedule for the life of me. I think if I have to run across the building to English or if I need to go across the hall to Bible. Maybe Government is actually my next class? I am so flustered and am worried that I'll miss the tardy bell. In the dream I run back and forth trying to remember what class I have for 5th hour!

3) Then last week I had the dream again... only it began with me organizing my locker with my binders on the top shelf and all my books on the bottom shelf. I organized them in the order I would need them throughout the day but looking at a print out of my schedule. I then took the books I needed and headed to class. What does that mean?

4) This morning I turned off my first alarm (set for if I want to eat breakfast at home and blow dry my hair) and set my second alarm for a little later. In this time period I fell asleep and dreamt I got up, showered, went to the store, bought breakfast, and went to work. My boss said that we had a half day today since we had the rest of the week of anyways! Good news for me since I have a research paper to work on. Wake up. Realize that my second alarm did not set correctly and never went off. Not only do I have to rush to get ready, but I didn't do any of the things I thought I did (I really did need to run to the store and then pick up breakfast). Plus, we don't have the rest of this week off or a half day today. Sigh.

So, yes. I have an interesting dream cycle. I remember my dreams from the previous night when I wake up and generally throughout the day. They are strange and interesting and always different! I don't know what quite to make of that?

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