Thursday, December 01, 2011


It's December 1. Seriously, when did that happen? Wasn't it just August and I was planning for my travel season? Are all those trips really behind me? Looking back, it really wasn't as stressful as I anticipated it being. One more example of the anticipation being more harsh than the actuality. I'll keep that in mind for the spring. I think I'll be helping to plan and initiate trips for the rest of my department since I won't be traveling all that much. It will all get done in one way or another.

Only 4 more weeks and then 2012! 2012 means baby year! Super super exciting. Between now and then we have our vacation week to Michigan, seeing family and friends, baby shower #1, Christmas celebrations, actual Christmas, and hopefully some snow here and there. December will also finish out the second tri for me and I will then enter the third tri. I guess people were right, so far this pregnancy has been going much more quickly than I anticipated. Here's hoping it continues in such a fashion.

Short post. Third in a row in one day. But I didn't want one super long post that went over three different subjects. Yes, I'm strange like that.

Happy December!


Matthew had a meeting this morning with the Army Recruiting office. Went super well and he was very encouraged. When looking over his file the Army recruiter couldn't believe the Marines hadn't accepted Matt. While that is nice to hear, it's hard for Matt since he obviously wanted that position. Just confirmation that God didn't want us to go that route for now. We both have a good feeling about the Army at this point. We're going to do more research before making any final decisions, but one nice thing is that the wait process won't be super long to know if he has been selected. Much better than the 1.5 years it took to find out about the Marines. Prayers are still greatly appreciated as we make this decision and proceed further. I guess we're changing out Oo Rah to Hooah!

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