Saturday, November 05, 2011

Rochester 2

I am in Rochester.
I watched most of Due Date. Sometimes it's hard to find things on TV in hotels!

I took a nice shower to try to relieve some of the stress/strain that's built up in my shoulders and neck from all this traveling! After Hartford (next weekend) I plan to treat myself to a nice long massage! Way overdue.

Ate what I considered to be a delicious dinner from room service... and a couple hours later it was all in the toilet.

The joys of pregnancy. What a waste of food and money. Seriously, baby?

At least it isn't a daily occurrence anymore.

The event went well. We did well. All is well.

I am extremely tired right now. I am going to pack up my suitcase and go to bed right after this post.

Thank the Lord for daylight savings time! My taxi will arrive at the hotel at 4:30 am tomorrow to take me to the airport.

Now, daylight savings means my body will think it's 5:30 am... not a huge difference when you are exhausted.

But better than nothing.

And I plan to take a nice long nap when I get home (Matt will still be at work when I arrive).

Then some fun plans with friends in the late evening... that I hopefully won't be too pooped to participate in.

Then sleeping in Monday and lounging around the house.

Hopefully my body can play catch up.

Felt the baby move again today.

Can't wait for that to become stronger and more regular! Eek!

My mother-in-law is visiting Waverly this week.

I am SO jealous!

It's torture having a perfectly good newborn out there in the world that I can't snuggle!

Well, soon enough I suppose I'll have my own newborn to snuggle with the majority of the day and night!

Even though it will be a lot of work and be even more exhausting than travel... I cannot wait!

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