Thursday, November 03, 2011


Well, I'm in Rochester... without a cell phone charger.
I could go out and try to find one... but it's dark out. And I'm not familiar with the area... and it's New York. Not exactly NYC... but maybe tomorrow I'll venture out!
If not, then I can certainly live without my phone... but as this is a work trip I need to keep in contact with certain people. Sigh.
Pregnancy brain! That's my excuse.

The upside? Big TV... even though nothing much is on right now.
The hotel doesn't care if I order from the Kid's Menu... so Kraft Mac and Cheese, Veggies, and French Fries are on the way up!
Dinner in bed! Woot.

Also... it's November! When did that happen? Seriously!
That means next month is December.
Michigan trip, first baby shower, and Christmas!
I love winter!

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