Wednesday, November 02, 2011

18 Weeks!!!

So much closer! The weeks are getting higher and higher and while sometimes it seems like it's going slowly, I sit here and can say "I'm 18 Weeks pregnant". That's a big deal!

So here we are at 18 weeks and I'm about to leave on another work trip. This time to Rochester, NY. Let's hope the weather cooperates (especially since we're supposed to walk from the hotel to the event each day) and my cold doesn't come back. It's still alive, but barely. Next weekend I'll be in Hartford, CT and then travel season is officially done! I may have some short trips here and there before Baby, but they would all be driving. And... once travel season is done I will be at 20 weeks... which means halfway baked!


On Friday, October 28 I felt Baby swiggle for the first time!

It wasn't the first time I "knew" it was the baby. It was the first time I ever felt it at all!

I have been very in tune with my body this whole pregnancy and I always knew that little rumblings were always something else previous to this "thump".

I had a 12 hour work day and was crawling into bed, exhausted.

I leaned over (so my body was almost folded in half) to reach something by my toes and on my right side felt this little "twang". I wasn't sure if it was Baby at first... but kept it in mind for future reference. The feeling was unlike anything I had ever felt before. I imagined that the baby was sitting in the right side of my uterus and I moved him/her over when I bent.

Saturday night, October 29, I felt the same "ping" twice in a row. I was also in a bent position that time.

Little Baby is making him/herself known to Mommy!

It was a little alarming since I was not used to the sensation and didn't know quite what it was. But I am anxious to continue to feel it stronger and stronger!

Cravings: nothing new. See week 17 post. I did buy a box of Fruity Pebbles- not sure if that was on the list last week or not.

Aversions: all the same stuff as before. Really fragrant foods are not appealing. But, this is only in context. At work my desk is near the staff kitchen for my area. People microwave their food and I, of course, have no control over what they make. The smell wafts to my desk as they make it and then sits in the air for hours afterwards. Lovely. I have asked everyone to keep the kitchen door closed at all times... but people are just so forgetful. Maybe I should go puke in their trashcan the next time their food makes my tummy turn.

Morning sickness has pretty much ceased. I have to be careful not to eat to much at one time because that triggers nausea. My stomach can't hold as much as it normally does. But, grazing is supposed to be better for preggos anyways. Keeps us full and such.

I get much more winded when walking around the office and walking up the stairs and being awake and pretty much living! When will energy return? Never? That's a nice thought. It's also much more difficult to bend over when I'm standing up or to sit down. I don't even have a monster belly yet! I'm sure it will only get worse. I do have to be careful not to do things too quickly anymore. Slow and steady.

Working in my last Graduate class has been a treat to this pregnancy. I have been extremely lazy in the class so far. Oh well. I'm not too worried about it.

That about sums up Week 18! Oh, Daddy bought Mommy flowers... just because. I came home from my trip. He said he had to stop by the store on his way home from work for some stuff for his cold (which he unfortunately caught from me), but he really was picking me up some beautiful roses! (some girls don't like roses because they are cliche, etc. I LOVE them. They are beautiful, smell good, and come in so many colors! Plus, they last a good long while) He is such a good husband and Daddy. I am so blessed.

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