Tuesday, November 01, 2011

Fashion Late-Bloomer

I am what you could call a fashion late-bloomer.
I've always bought nice clothes. Always looked put together.
My outfits consisted of the basics: pants, tops, shoes... nothing special. Not many accessories.

Well... I have arrived!
...just in time to outgrow all my clothes! Excellent!
I have discovered cutesy earrings that don't look cheap (because they weren't), thick and slim belts to go with cutesy dresses/skirts/pants/flowy shirts, dangly necklaces of all shapes and colors, and scarves that can be tied in numerous ways.
Thankfully... all of those items can still be worn with the ever-growing belly.

I have begun experimenting with different clothing types and am liking what I am seeing!
I was always on the safe side with outfits.
Now I am stuck with clothes that a slightly too big, but soon won't be!
I have a few pairs of pants that were gifted to me that are a size or two too big.
They fit the middle of me... but not the rear and legs. Wah.
Preggo pants are very comfy, but again, the rear doesn't fit.
Hopefully my rear doesn't grow. I like my cutesy bottom!

So yes, my belly is growing. And I love it.
But... clothes are getting hard to come by that fit well. Welcome to the next 5 months, mommy!

Wow. 5 months! Sounds so far, but I know it will fly by.
I am so ready for baby to be here! I don't even know if baby is a boy or girl... but I don't care.
I am so in love with this baby.
More on baby tomorrow for the 18 week post. But... I did feel some little squiggles! Woot!

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