Thursday, October 27, 2011

17 weeks... and 1 day

Happy 17 weeks baby! You are now the size of an onion!
In honor of this, mama had an onion appetizer! Mistake, my burps bring up the aftertaste, ew.
You have finger prints and your bones are forming so you will be big and strong.
Mama loves you SO much baby! I can hardly wait for you to finish baking so I can snuggle and play with you!

My belly has popped! Well, kinda.
When I returned to the office everyone commented on my baby bump.
If you don't know me, then you would probably think I was expecting... but would be tentative to ask just in case I was just a little chubby.
It is very exciting to see the belly grow. Makes it that much more "real".

Still haven't felt the baby moving.
I have been paying very close attention, but nothing. Hopefully in the next couple weeks.
Right now I'm feeling girl... but I was so positive baby was a boy in the first trimester!
I really have no idea, but will be so excited whichever gender our baby is!
We will find out in 3 weeks!

I have been planning baby shower dates! So exciting!
I will have one with Michigan friends in December, one with family and family friends in January, and then one with Lynchburg friends in February.
I have been so blessed with family and friends. So much love for Baby J already!

Aversions: Mexican still. Yuck. Celery. Spinach. I find food aversions after eating them and either getting sick... or just feeling icky. Too bad I can't figure out aversions prior to eating the no-no's.

Cravings: Crackers and cheese, peach yogurt, white milk, apple juice, ice. I love to chew on ice, which isn't necessarily the best habit, but oh well. Everything else is good snacks so I'm not too worried. I ate a lot of bagels with peanut butter and jelly last week, not sure if that's a craving... but it was definitely yummy!

Other changes: My abdomen is a lot tighter. I don't know where my growing uterus and baby are supposed to go from this point forward! I'll probably end up with some lovely stretch marks! It's a lot harder to bend over. I have to be careful not to go too quickly when I bend over and stand back up. My calves have had spasms when I stretch as well. My calves used to seize up when I was dehydrated. But I've been staying hydrated. Along comes my weekly email and it explains the calf spasms! If you point your toes (which I routinely do in the morning when I first wake up) to stretch it can make your calves seize. Not sure why, but at least I know what not to do now. Although, it has been hard to stop my morning stretching habits. I get dizzy easily when I go up stairs... or walk quickly... or do anything really. I have been having a lot of nasal congestion. Apparently, this is normal as well according to the weekly email. Plus I get a cold... so that certainly doesn't help the congestion.

Ugh, I could write and write and write about the baby... but I am SO exhausted. I left the house around 3:15 am to drive to the airport and make my 6:00 am flight. Flew for a few hours. Made it to Ft. Lauderdale... and had to wait for our room to be ready. Got to the room, took a shower, took a 3 hour nap!!! Had dinner and went shopping with my dear friend, Kristin. Now... ready to go back to bed! Oh dearie.

Goodnight, world!
Mama loves you, Baby!

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