Tuesday, October 25, 2011

Homework Slump

I'm two days into my last grad class... and already I feel like I've hit the homework brick wall! What have I done, you ask? I did my Course Requirements Checklist, which is basically me electronically stating "here" to the roll call the first week. I printed off my syllabus and assignment instructions for the class. I downloaded my e-book (I'm so thankful only one of my classes had a required e-book, I prefer hard cover). I got the other books I'll need for class together. And... that's it. I was planning to do one of my assignments today... but then noticed it wasn't due until Friday! I'll probably still begin the reading for it, but no rush. Well, I'll be flying Thursday and Friday is the long day of work... but ya know, I'll get it all done!

Ugh, why can't they just pass me on this last class? I just have zero motivation at this point! On the one hand, it's only 8 weeks of my life. And the coursework isn't that demanding... at all. And I'm due for a good read on marriage anyways, so this class can take the place of that. And when it's over I'll be that much closer to baby. But seriously, can't they look at the grades I've gotten on the other Marriage classes I've already taken (A's) and just give it to me on credit? Sigh.

I know, I'm just being lazy. My advice, don't ever take a break from school. It's so much harder to get started again once you do! Or... I can just blame it on pregnancy brain!

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