Monday, November 21, 2011


First things first. Here is my 20 Week belly picture. Not too big... but definitely noticeable now! Woot! Baby is growing!

We had our blue/pink u/s today! Along with the baby's anatomy scan. Please see below... any doubts as to what Baby is???

Side profile! Baby Boy is SO handsome!

Front view of Baby Boy's face. I think he looks like Matthew, but with my nose!

Little feetsies! Although, they do look rather long for a 20 weeker.

Reveal party! Boy Boy Boy!

Introducing: Jackson Matthew Iveson! I didn't plan enough time for post appointment, shopping for blue things, setting up the room, and making all the food.

So there we have it! A Baby Boy! I was wrong! I was so sure it was a girl! We had wanted a boy from the very beginning so this is perfect! When his little wee-wee came on screen Matt said "Yes!" out loud! He was so happy! A little man for him to mold.

Little man is a fighter already! He was kicking and punching the entire u/s! Very active. Now I know for sure that those squiggles I feel are baby boy! Good grief, those kicks will be a pain when he is bigger! And when he comes out... well, I'll have to work hard to keep up with him!

Baby Jack is ultra healthy and right on track. Due date is April 4. The u/s tech changed it to April 5. One day? Seriously? I'm sticking with April 4. Nice to know that Baby is growing right according to schedule.

Sigh. Let the shopping begin!

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