Wednesday, November 23, 2011

21 Weeks!

21 Weeks! Bump has definitely started to grow! If I put on a shirt that doesn't show off the bump enough... I generally change it! True story. I bought two preggo tees today and a non-preggo sweatshirt I just couldn't pass up. I bought some shirts in a size larger than normal previously, but thought it worthwhile to begin investing in some good preggo tops. I want to have three biological children so I'm sure I'll get good use out of the clothes I invest in! (I also want two adopted children after the first three...)

Here is the bump! See, it's evident now!
This top I got as a hand-me-down from a friend. It is from J.Crew and a size Medium. I tried it on and it was a little baggy, but I figured with skinny pants it would be adorable. Or with a good belt. Now it has become a perfect preggo sweater! Some people say stripes aren't good for preggos. I like them! Shows off the bump more!

I went to the gym for the second time during this pregnancy. I had been traveling so often that it was difficult fitting gym time into my schedule when I was home. Plus the whole first trimester I was too nauseas to attempt the gym. Well, today I went and did almost my normal routine. I did my regular 5K on the elliptical, but it was toned down a bit from my regular pace. I have "Catching Fire" to amuse me so it didn't seem so tedious slowing down a bit. (Yes, I did just purchase and read all three Hunger Games books a few weekends ago... and now I am reading them again!) I then worked through my short legs circuit. If you know me at all, you know that I absolutely hate my calves. So I don't do too many leg exercises. I skipped all abs because that just doesn't sound appealing at all. I stretched good and long and was surprised how tight my muscles were. I went through each stretch once to loosen up then stretched more deeply. It was as if my body was saying "Ahhhhh!". Now that I won't be traveling for work I hope to fit in more gym trips.

Matt and I have been brainstorming for Jackson's nursery. Still no settled thoughts. We considered dinosaurs when I found some canvas prints on sale... but I don't think we'll do that. We're still considering "travel"- like cars, airplanes, etc. I have some cute decor in mind for those... so we'll see. I like the idea of just doing bright colors- which would be easiest. We registered for a crib sheet that has blue, green, and brown circles on it. Very basic. I don't want a whole crib set as I don't feel a comforter is necessary. I also want a breathable bumper, which most crib sets don't have.

Since our u/s on Monday I have watched the DVD 5 times! It is so precious! He is such a little mover! Never sitting still. Gonna cause Mommy some pains when he's bigger! Right now the kicks are like little nudges in my gut... soon it will be much more forceful, I'm sure! I also set his profile as my background on my Blackberry. I can't stop looking at it! He's so adorable!

We did go to Babies R Us and Target today to do some registering. Our stores in Lynchburg don't have a huge selection, but I was able to get some good things on the list. I definitely have more wants/needs for baby that will be added in Grand Rapids. It was so tempting to register for adorable clothes sets... but I resisted. The only clothes I added were little hats and mitties... necessities for every newborn! Registering was still fun even though there wasn't as much selection as I would've liked. Jackson will have some mighty nice things!

This week's happenings: I have discovered that Etsy is serious trouble for mommies! I haven't bought anything, but I did save a bunch of items I would love to purchase. Once we settle on a nursery theme it will make it easier. I also ordered my first round of newborn cloth diapers. Cannot wait for them to arrive! They have adorable prints on them! My belly button has started popping out. Just 1/4 of it is "inflated"... if that makes sense. It looks very odd with just one corner poking out! I have an innie so imagine that the top right side of the innie is now an outie, while the rest of the belly button looks normal. Yup, interesting. I also have begun peeing about every 5 minutes. I leave the bathroom knowing I'm not done... but nothing else comes. So I leave and return shortly. We saw Jackson kicking my bladder continuously in the u/s so I blame him! On the bottom of my belly on the left side I've also been having some pain. It's normal pain, but not pleasant. It feel like I pulled a muscle. Just part of the growth process while my skin and muscles accommodate baby Jackson!

Aversions: Nothing new, thankfully. This week has been the best so far in the pregnancy! I have been able to eat lots of good food and haven't felt nauseas. Woot.

Cravings: Strawberry jello. Yum! Cheese and crackers. Apple raspberry juice.

This has been a great week! In 2.5 weeks we'll be in Michigan celebrating with friends and family! Plus we'll be celebrating Christmas while we're there. Bonus!

Happy Thanksgiving! If you are a Black Friday shopper- be safe (you're crazy)!

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