Wednesday, November 16, 2011

20 Weeks!!!! Halfway!!!!

Halfway through this pregnancy! That is so exciting. The first half really has gone by quickly, most likely do to all the travel that was involved. I still can't believe it's almost Thanksgiving! Wasn't it just August?

This is the week we find out whether our baby is our little miss or little mister! Our baby bean or baby bug! The appointment is set for this coming Monday in the early afternoon. Matthew will be able to come with me so we can see our baby bundle together! The sonogram is 45 minutes long... I certainly don't mind watching baby for almost an hour! Hopefully we can get some good pictures of baby's profile, hands, and feet. I am having a gender reveal party Monday night with my girlfriends in town. Once they all arrive I'll most likely post it to facebook immediately! Let the shopping begin!

With the gender determination so close at hand, I have been reconsidering nursery options... a lot! The original two ideas I had are no longer options. Matthew hated the boy nursery plans and the baby girl nursery I just found cuter options. I am excited to begin looking in earnest for nursery accessories!

Exciting happenings in the past week: November 10 I felt this pushing on the front of my stomach. I thought it might just be gas moving through my abdomen but the tightness didn't go away. I pushed against it and there was this slight bulge. After pushing around the area (which was soft) I realized it was the baby! Baby set up camp right under my belly button for the evening. While it was not the most comfortable position, it was incredible being able to feel my baby from the outside! Eventually baby swam away. No major kicks or squiggles while baby was at the front... but it was still amazing to know that baby was sitting right there. Last night, November 15 I was able to feel the baby kicking from the outside! Unfortunately, Matt was working and when he got home the baby must have been sleeping. No, baby isn't strong enough for a good solid kick quite yet. I discovered that if I lay on my stomach (not comfortable) and place my hand between the couch and my belly then I could feel the kicks from the outside! I had been feeling them from the inside for a few minutes last night when I shifted and it felt much more close to the front of my belly then. Hopefully Matt can experience this soon.

Aversions: I still like the taste of white milk and drink it a lot... but shortly after my tummy is turning. That is unfortunate. Thankfully, I'm not getting physically sick any longer... just a tummyache. I don't like smelling meat cook. I like eating meat... but when it's cooking or grilling it just isn't pleasant at all! Mexican is still off the menu. Matt bought some queso dip and tortilla chips and I certainly do not wish to partake. Eggs haven't sounded good at all- no kinds. That is sad since I normally enjoy eggs.

Cravings: Lucky Charms is the cereal of the week! While I should cut back on sugars... they calm my upset stomach. So I'm gonna keep eating what works! I also have craved pears! So I bought a bunch... hopefully they are ripe. I have wanted Jello for the past couple weeks and finally remembered to buy some. When I try to make Jello myself it turns out poorly... so the cups will have to do. I also bought vanilla/chocolate swirl pudding cups. Yes, apparently pregnancy has turned my taste buds back a decade or so! I like all children's food. Oh yes, fruit snacks are also on the list!

I was a little scared when I realized that certain street signs etc. were starting to get blurry again. Seriously? I just got new glasses in July! Well, I attribute that to pregnancy as well. My eyes are worsening and the hope is that they will return to normal after baby is born. If not... well, I'll get new glasses (and hopefully contacts as well). I hope they aren't getting that much worse so quickly though. Corrective surgery is on the wish list in the future! Matthew takes top priority for this surgery, but I would be shortly after!

My dress pants still fit if I leave the top button/snap/clasp undone. Jeans are officially a no go though. That's sad. I haven't made it out to try to find some larger sizes yet... but the preggo jeans I've been borrowing from friends are working just fine. I'm just sick of hiking them up every few minutes! When I'm home it's all about sweats and yoga pants! I still fit into my normal size in those at least! I've only gained about 8 pounds, so right on track.

This week people at the event I worked and in the office have been noticing my belly. It's nice that strangers can finally see that I have a baby belly! So exciting. I'm glad belly popped in time for my trip home. It's much more fun to make the annual trip when the baby belly is evident.

Looking forward to our u/s! Our bank accounts will be drained shortly after I am sure!

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