Wednesday, November 09, 2011

19 Weeks

Baby is now 19 Weeks grown! S/he is now the size of a mango. Belly is protruding more. I got sick of constantly having to hike up my pants... so I am back in my normal pants. No, I cannot button/snap them closed... but they still fit in all other respects. I have one size 2 pair of pants (light blue) that actually fit very well- they even button closed! I may have to purchase a couple jeans, a pair of black pants, and a pair of khakis in size 2 to accomodate my preggo body! While preggo pants are super comfy... when you are working all day they are not the most convenient.

I have gained only 7 pounds. Pretty happy with that weight gain. Goal: keep it all in the belly. Have I been exercising? Nope. Honestly, with the travel and then sleeping when I get home plus homework plus housework that gets very backed up... I am just too exhausted to workout! Hopefully since this is my last traveling weekend I can get back into a gym routine.

1.5 weeks till we find out gender. So excited! I find myself thinking baby is a little girl... but I could be wrong.Being wrong would certainly not be a negative thing at all.While I would LOVE a baby girl... we would prefer having the whole "big brother" thing. Since right now we're planning on having three and then adopting... we have plenty of kid space for both genders to be represented! Matthew is completely on board for my plan of 5 kids... but we'll see if that changes.

Still feeling the baby squirming a bit. I imagine the two feelings I have are when baby a) kicks and b) rolls over.That's what it feels like at least. It isn't an every day occurance and isn't super strong yet. Hopeful for those days! Also hopeful for when Daddy can feel the baby moving around.

Aversions: Definitely Mexican! I gave it a try last night again... big mistake. I'll just plan on steering clear of it for the next 4 months. I love love chips and queso though. So sad. Unfortunately, most meats don't appeal to me much. If I go out to eat then I normally order an entree with meat... but if we're fixing it at home I really don't care for the smell of cooking meat. at. all. The past few days nothing at all has sounded good- which is problematic because I haven't eaten much. Baby needs nutrients!

Cravings: Fruity Pebbles. Lemonade- I made a pitcher and drank it all in 2 days. This was a sizeable pitcher too! A ham and cheese sandwich- even though I've been steering clear of deli meats... I may have to make an exception for today's lunch. Where I'm planning to eat lunch normally has extremely fresh food... but of course, I can't be positive. Nothing else sounds good really... and ham and cheese has been a craving for months! Peach yogurt. Marshmallows.

I've decided against buying a full travel system. We have a Quinny tram that will primarily be used for walks- not for everyday use (like at the grocery store). I plan to buy a good car seat, a snap and go, and then an umbrella stroller. Much more cost effective and less space invasive. Plus, I'm really hoping to have our kids close together so there's no point in spending a fortune on a travel system for one when we'll just need to buy a double stroller later (probably a sit and stand though).

I've probably mentioned before that I'm planning to cloth diaper. I was reading another mother-to-be's post requesting other mothers' opinions on cloth or disposable. The moms against cloth diapering said they were so leaky and the pins were a pain. I don't think they were using the same kind of cloth diapers that most mommies nowadays are referring to. The cloth diapers I am planning on purchasing are just like disposable diapers in shape and size. They snap closed around the legs and waist and can be adjusted in size as baby grows. Plus, that way we can continue to use them for future children as well. One example is I have a few brands I plan on using after much research and advice from mommies who use them already. I mean, I waited a full year for the stick to read "pregnant", so I had plenty of time to plan and research!

I cannot wait to learn whether baby J will be J****** or J***-***. Yes, we are going to announce the baby's name once we learn (since apparently Matthew has told everyone he knows both options already), but I like keeping it a mystery. I would've liked keeping it a secret until birth... but too late now! Once we find out the gender... well, let's just say our savings are in trouble! Plus, I'll be going home a few weeks later and will have baby shower number 1 and my mom and I will have 9 days to shop shop shop! Baby will be super spoiled!

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