Monday, October 03, 2011

Work Work Work

Hi World!

Denver, CO was good. For certain reasons, I am thankful that all the other Women of Faith events I am working are East Coast events. I wish we had more time to explore Denver. Brittany (the other representative I traveled with) and I will be going back to Colorado Springs next weekend, so maybe we'll have more time then. We did explore some good shops that Lynchburg doesn't have. Ironically, I only bought things from Forever 21. Cute tops that are flowy so when belly pops they're still useful.

Now I am sitting in my hotel in Baltimore. Let's just say this hotel is not as nice as the Women of Faith hotels. But, it will do. Nice big bed. It's a sleep number bed. Set up my booth today... for the most part. One of the promo pieces won't arrive until tomorrow. Hopefully when I can still access them. And... Fedex lost one of my packages. They are looking into it and then if they find it they will expedite it. Again, hopefully we'll have it by tomorrow. Stink. Embarrassing, even though it's not my fault. Oh well. Hopefully I'll still be able to talk to some good student candidates.

This weekend I am traveling to DC for one last event. At least I was able to sleep in this morning. And room service is not super expensive. Score.

Not a lot to say. But I had to say it. Ya know.


Yeah, I really didn't say much earlier. I just needed to do something! And I was a little frustrated about my materials not being here when they were all shipped in plenty of time. Plus room service may be inexpensive (comparatively) but isn't the best quality.

Also, I was tired from travel. Still am. Going to bed now even though I don't have to wake up ridiculously early.

But... I was doing some updating to the registry. Some of my items are no longer available. I hope they become available again soon. But I know I'll find plenty of other stuff in the meantime. Looking at registry made me reconsider a lot of my nursery plans. I have several different ideas but am not in love with any just one. There are elements I love about each. I think for a baby girl I have settled on what I will do as it is a more broad theme and will allow me to incorporate certain aspects from other nursery themes. Boy... more difficult. I have one that has been the front runner, but then I kinda wanted something a bit more chic. Maybe boy and chic don't go together.

Not that I'll be able to set up the nursery before the baby is born anyways. Sigh. That's the problem with preparing to move shortly after the due date. We'll see how that works.

I have also been reconsidering our baby names. I have several I love... but unfortunately Matthew doesn't feel the same way. I go back and forth about the two we chose. Again, we'll see if any of that changes once we find out the gender.

And... officially bedtime!

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