Thursday, October 06, 2011

14 weeks

I didn't feel like paying for internet at the hotel last night. Seeing as how the room was 400$ a night... I think that was a wise choice. I will be glad to be home again and be able to eat whatever I want (almost), whenever I want (almost). With pregnancy you never know with food... but the basic idea is there. Having to go out into a strange town to find food just doesn't appeal to me. If Matt were traveling with me that would be one thing. But little preggo out to eat by herself in a strange city, not appealing.

Anyways, 14 weeks as of yesterday! Second trimester, here we are!
While I have a very slight bump that only those closest to me can notice (or if I wear really tight clothes), I still have not popped. I know this is normal for a first pregnancy... but I am so anxious for this belly to pop and for the entire world to know there's a little person inside there. Soon enough.

I arrive home on Sunday and have Monday and Tuesday off. On Tuesday I have a Dr. appt and will hopefully hear the heartbeat. I wish we had another ultrasound so we could see the heart beating. That was magical. But all appt are good. That means baby is growing and eases my mind until belly pops and I can feel baby swimming around down there.

The Magnet Conference was alright. Not super busy. People only stopped by to ask specific questions. Since we were not having a giveaway we didn't get too many leads. Around 135, so still not a waste of time. And we did have freebies like eco bags, mugs, and two kinds of pens... so the Liberty University name is out there among those 7500 women. I am thankful it is over and I am closer to being at home.

Busy busy time of year! I will be thankful when this traveling is finished. I don't mind traveling, but every weekend is draining. I don't have enough time to think, really. I keep thinking I have more time to plan for a trip coming up... and then I realize it's next weekend! At least it's making the time go by quickly. I am super excited for November when we find out the gender of our baby and then December I will be home! Nothing is better than home.

Pregnancy: I have been reconsidering names. But Matthew is not, so we will probably stick with the names we have now.

No new cravings or aversions. It still varies from day to day. I did go out to dinner with the Directors of Liberty's nursing depts and had cheesy ranch fries! Absolutely not healthy, but it sounded SO good. I eat healthy all the rest of the time so figured this would be acceptable for a one time deal. It was well worth it. I haven't had true cheesy fries since High school at Red Hot! (How could we go to Red Hot everyday and get Cheese Fries? Where did we get the money? Why did we not all gain 50 lbs? I guess we were young)

I still fit in all my old clothes, but I can definitely tell I have a belly now. I try to wear my clothes so others can see too... but when I see myself next to others I doubt anyone can tell. It's all just wishful thinking on my part.

Morning sickness has mostly subsided. I have gotten sick about 3 times in the past 3 weeks... much better than multiple times a day every day in the first trimester. Hopefully this trimester will be what everyone says, nice and easy. My last Master's class begins at the end of this month and I want to kick it out, get my A, graduate with my 4.0, and be done with it all! I'll be disappointed if I get a B... but if I get sick again or have any other strange preggo complications then I'll just be happy to be finished.

I do not like plane rides while pregnant. Baby makes mommy's tummy jumpy during takeoff and landing. I have at least 4 more trips involving plane rides... so hopefully this second tri will make that better as well. I have not gotten sick on a plane yet, just felt super nauseous and had head aches, so that is a blessing.

I don't think I've gained any more weight yet. I haven't been home the past week so I haven't weighed myself. The last time I was home I still weighed the same, the 2 pounds heavier I have been since I got pregnant. I think those two pounds are majority breast weight though. These things are heavy now!

Being in other cities makes me realize how blessed I've been in the "Liberty bubble". It's a much nicer environment than other cities. Especially big cities. Those cities are much more foul, much more open about items I do not agree with, and much more in your face about those items. I am discovering I am not a very tolerant person. At least with ignorance. There are certain things I can understand people disagreeing with me about (yes, this is mainly about politics etc.), but other items that people don't truly understand but just go along with the crowd... ridiculous. I know why I vote primarily republican and can explain that to you.

I don't want to get into it. I get frustrated with politics. I'll say this though: I really like aspects of Perry, Bachmann, and Cain. I wish we had a candidate who encompassed those qualities and values. But of course, that won't happen. Right now I am favoring Cain, but I doubt he'll get the nom.

Anyways, I am thrilled to be 14 weeks along. The past two weeks have gone super slow it seems. But I am progressing along. I mean, it is October after all! My little niece may be born in this month and that means less than half a year until my little angel is here!

Oh the excitement! I could just bust!

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