Sunday, October 09, 2011


While I do love shopping, I'm not one to go on spree's. Well, unless my mother is included with her credit card. She enjoys it though... so why not?

Anyways, I enjoy shopping. I look at lots of things and usually carry several items around a store with me. Then at the end I decide I don't really need any of it. Yes, it does make me kind of sad when I leave a store empty handed. No, I do not just buy something for the sake of buying something (often).

Recently I have purchased some incredible items and am very proud of these purchases! I now have a Kindle case, which was desperately needed when I travel. I lived in fear that something would ruin my perfect birthday gift. The case is leather and pink on the front and brown on the back. The front is engraved with the image of a typewriter. Love it.

I also bought a few baby items. A onesie that is embroidered with "My HERO wears COMBAT boots", a onesie that is printed with dog tags on the front (yes, the chain is coming from around the collar) and says "USMC" on one and "I <3 Daddy" on the other, one set of crocheted camo booties, one set of tan combat boot booties- complete with laces, and a camo Ergo baby carrier (love). All courtesy of the lovely sellers of Etsy. Once we find out the gender (next month!!!) Etsy may be my bank accounts death!

I also found the PERFECT stroller! I had decided to give up on trying to find a jogger that folded up real nice. I'm all about convenience. My friend texted me a picture of a stroller she found at a consignment shop. I LOVED it. Called and tried to purchase it over the phone, card machine not working, so they set it aside and I pick it up tomorrow. It's grey and brown, folds up real nice (like an umbrella stroller), has an attachable tram to the frame for when baby is small, and then has an attachable seat like a normal stroller for when baby is bigger. I saw the trams online before and loved them... but they were over $400 not including the child seat. This one was on sale at a consignment shop. Ready for this? $75!!!!! Can't beat that. I am so excited and cannot wait to pick it up tomorrow!

Also, just found my dream diaper bag! I've been scoping out baby items on my trips. I pay special attention to what other mothers are using to help determine what I do and don't want. I saw a few mothers in various locations with these adorable patterned diaper bags that I knew I wanted. All the ones I saw were being worn as backpacks, but there was a hanging strap along the bottom so it can be worn as a shoulder bag as well. The materials vary, but I loved the ones that looked like satin (kind of an oriental pattern). The bag is square and has a few compartments, including the front un zipping and folding out as a changing pad. So convenient! With the miracle of the internet and a few minutes searching... I found the bags! Joy! They are a bit pricey, but not that much more than the other bags I had been looking at. Far worth it in my mind. I haven't bought it yet, but sent it to my mom for Christmas ideas. I really want to just order it now!

Baby shopping is SO exciting! I can hardly wait to buy the nursery furniture. The problem is, we probably won't set up the nursery at all since we'll be moving shortly after the baby is born (most likely). So it'll all stay in boxes... but it will still be exciting! I love the crib and changing table I found. Still debating whether a dresser is necessary. I vote no. I may get a box tower with canvas drawers for socks, diapers, etc though. Just for some more storage.

Stay tuned for my take on the Hunger Games. Next entry. I am currently reading Catching Fire. So please don't ruin the rest for me. Though, I should be finished with this and Mockingjay shortly. I love fast reads! Especially on the Kindle!

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