Wednesday, October 19, 2011

Week 16

Week 16! That's means we're 4 months in!
In just 5 months Baby J will make his/her appearance.

Ugh, that sounds like SO LONG... but I know it will come quicker than anticipated.

My belly is becoming more defined. Definitely happy about that!

It's started getting in the way of things a bit too.

I now wear preggo pants because several of my pants don't fit and I don't want to walk around with them un-buttoned!

While I can still sleep on my tummy, I generally sleep on my side or back.

The whole abdomen is tighter and sometimes pangs... if that makes sense.

No, I haven't felt the baby swimming around yet. Sigh.

Food aversions: Mexican. Tortilla chips especially. Meats for the most part. There are times when all I want is a nice steak... but if I'm not craving a meat, then stay away from me with the smells!

Food cravings: still random and nothing abnormal. In the time I've been home I've eaten three bagels with peanut butter and jelly. Maybe if I were home longer that would become a trend. Hopefully there are good eats where I'm at for this next conference. It's outside of Chicago and it's supposed to rain the entire time. Doesn't make me want to venture out too much. So we'll see what's nearby.

Without going into too much detail: a lot of preggo symptoms are finally beginning to appear. No, I am not excited. I thought I had bypassed a lot of those physical additions during pregnancy, but it seems like the second trimester may be filled with those lovelies. Thankfully, What to Expect and The Bump keep me up to date on what's normal and what's not.

I've been trying to clean house a bit. Getting rid of unnecessary things. It's HARD! I normally go through my closets every year to get rid of old clothes... but I've done that so often that I like everything I currently own! I'm getting rid of a few things that aren't "mommy" enough for me to keep... but it's not enough to give me much more closet space. Once I stop traveling I'll try selling a bunch of old textbooks to make space. Knick Knacks etc will be evaluated as well. Pictures are tricky. Maybe I'll just have to find some storage somewhere to put pictures in.

It's hard waiting another whole month to find out the gender of the baby when I could technically find out now. But I keep telling myself that I only get one more u/s and if I wait then the baby will be more developed. Makes sense right? Plus that gives me something to look forward to. November 21 is the date as of now. I keep considering calling to change it to a week earlier... but I'll probably keep it with the hopes that baby will be bigger in the pictures!

Love my baby so much already!

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