Wednesday, October 19, 2011

Nieces galore!

Yesterday my niece Brooklyn officially (legally) became part of the family!
She was placed with my sister and her family the day after she was born in a foster-adopt situation.
For the past 2 years the birth father has been battling for custody.
His rights were terminated earlier this year and finally, yesterday, the court hearing to finalize the adoption came through.
Brooklyn Faith Eliana Winter is now officially my niece!
In truth, though, she always has been my niece. It's nice that the court recognizes that too now.

My sister-in-law, Jamie, is in the hospital right now for her eldest, baby W.
Name will be released to the public after birth. W. V. Vandegriff.
Here's hoping for a smooth, safe, and speedy delivery!
Also, hoping that Matthew and I get to meet her sooner rather than later!
Who knows when that will happen, but hopefully before she's too old.

Matt just left for work.
My flight leaves at 5:39 (hoping weather cooperates).
I still have some things to throw in the suitcase, but since I've only been home for one day, it's really just putting in clean clothes.
I got a lot done around the house yesterday... but not everything I had hoped.
Our bedroom is a bit more organized.
The bathroom is clean.
The bills are all organized and paid.
Laundry got done.
I suppose that's all I can ask for when I was exhausted from travel and baby!

Yes, I am about to do a second post back to back for preggo update!
But I am so thrilled to officially have niece number 2 and to receive niece number 3!

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