Tuesday, October 18, 2011

Last Grad Class

So I knew my last grad class started at the end of October.
I just didn't realize the end of October was next week!
Thankfully, I had originally planned to take this class in August so I already have the books.

I just checked my syllabus as my first three weeks of class include a lot of traveling for work.
Every weekend I will be gone and normally that's when I take my exams etc.
Well, my first exam isn't until week 4 and the first three weeks I just have discussion boards to write!
Yes, I'll have reading and probably preparation for a major project/paper for the end of class.
But I can always do that on my days off.
Takes a huge load off my mind!
Plus, this class is on premarital/marital counseling.
I've already had several classes involving this plus have a very successful marriage, if I do say so myself.
Yes, I know we have a young marriage, but it is still a successful one.

Speaking of grad school, I have a huge stack of books on my desk!
I am going to list them all on amazon once I finish traveling so I can ship them out as soon as someone purchases them.
As I wasn't planning on doing anything with them, I probably will list them very inexpensive.
I just want them gone.
More money for Baby J's wardrobe fund!

I took a nap today... and haven't gotten much done around the house.
Maybe I should just get used to a perpetually messy home.
We do have a lot of junk. Lots to get rid of before baby arrives.

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