Monday, October 17, 2011

Preggo Pictures

So I finally stopped being lazy and uploaded some pictures to facebook. I figured I'd update here also. I don't know which ones I posted before, but I know I did the u/s. So I'll leave those out. I can barely contain my excitement for our next u/s in November! Find out the gender, see all of baby's little organs, hopefully get some good pictures to take home and frame until baby arrives!

Week 4. The night we found out.

First cousin picture! Baby W Vandegriff is due Oct. 29 and Baby J Iveson is due April 4. 5 months apart. Excellent.

First u/s. Proud mommy and daddy!

My Quinny tram! The wheels are pretty big, which makes for easy maneuvering... unfortunately, it also means the frame folds up kinda big. We'll probably invest in some other kind of stroller as well, but this will be perfect for walks!

Weel 15. Baby bulge. Not quite a bump yet, but it's definitely there!

I think I may get my hair cut tomorrow. But, tomorrow is also my day off. Since it's my only day off this week and I leave Wednesday for another trip... I may just stay home all day! We'll see what happens.

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