Sunday, October 16, 2011

Here's to another week

Event done!
It always feels good when an event is finished. This event was a dud. We're going to cancel the future events with this same group. Just not enough interest in Liberty University to make it worth while.
It's still so nice to be able to relax. Yes, I have to wake up early to get to the airport... but I don't have to worry about looking presentable and making a good impression of the university.
Both Brittany (my travel buddy) and I didn't feel well last night or this morning (all day today). That certainly did not help our enthusiasm at the event.
Plus the food was... less than ideal. The only options at the event were hot dogs, chili, and soft pretzels. Not healthy.
I tried to stock up on fruit and yogurt at the breakfast our hotel provides. Thankfully, our hotel provides fridge, stove, dishwasher, and dishes! Nice little kitchen area.

Long day of travel tomorrow. My flight leaves at 6:40 am, which means I'll be leaving for the airport at 4:45.
Then flying all day.
Then driving home from Charlottesville. I should be home around 6 pm.
Long day.
At least I have Tuesday off to recuperate and make sure all is settled at the house.
Then, fly out Wednesday to Chicago.
I was planning on trying to see a show and do some shopping, but I think I'm too exhausted during events. We'll see.
I'm traveling there by myself so at least I can operate my own schedule.

I eagerly anticipate feeling the baby move!
I pay close close attention. This Wednesday will be 16 weeks. 4 months already!
I hope the next 5 months fly by! I can hardly wait to hold my little bundle in my arms!
I am very excited for our next ultrasound that should get some good pics of baby!
We decided not to do the 4D u/s since it's more money and not necessary.
I kinda like the normal u/s look anyways.
I keep going back and forth if I want a boy/girl more... or if I think it's a boy/girl more.
At first I thought baby was a boy boy boy!
But now... I'm leaning more towards girl.
I'm only basing this on gut feeling, not anything else.
Well, I did the Chinese calendar and it said girl.
Baby heartbeat was 155... which is girl.
Somedays I want a baby boy soooo badly! But then the next having a baby girl sounds like heaven!
I will certainly be happy with either. Too bad there aren't two bundles in there and we could have one of each!
Someday maybe.

Ugh, I need some yogurt. I'm all caught up on Grey's Anatomy and Glee on hulu.

Maybe I'll watch some of the Office?

I started reading Shadow of the Hegemon since earlier this year I re-read Ender's Game, Ender's Shadow, and Ender in Exile. I'm trying to go through and read them all in chronological order. Well, as much as possible. Maybe I'll re-read Ender in Exile again after the Bean books since it's kinda spanning the time between all of those books. Geez, when warp speed travel is involved it really messes up chronological order! ;-)

Yes, that is an emoticon. I actually have embraced emoticons. We'll see how long it lasts. And apparently I have also embraced writing in full paragraphs again.

The end for now.

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