Friday, October 14, 2011


My husband the Marine.
Well, almost. He had his last PFT (personal fitness test) this morning for Officer Candidate School for the U.S. Marine Corps. We decided he would try for a position in the Corps last summer and he began the process of entry in August.
Now in October he finally did the last step to be considered for a position.
We should find out in the next month if he has been selected for Active Duty.
We would really prefer Active Duty for several reasons, but most people don't understand them.
We are excited to find out what life on base is like. Enter the community and all.
Matthew would be able to gain such great experience and training as Active Duty- not that as a Reservist he wouldn't.
He would only get full pay while deployed as Active Duty... which is not preferable.
Benefits are handled differently.
They way deployments, training, etc would be handled.
Having to find a central location to make home and Matt having to find a primary job for when he is not is not in training/deployed... and that job being alright with him leaving on occasion (yes, there are laws about this... but it still could be difficult).
Matt's personal goals about going into the military.
The mission field we envision for while living on base, yes, this could be carried over to other Reservist families or people in general.

So we are hoping for Active Duty. Yes, it will be hard. Yes, I will probably feel very lonely the times he is gone.
But that will be true for Reservist status as well. He'll still have training and he could potentially deploy more often than if he were Active Duty.

Anyways, he had his last PFT this morning.
This score will go in his portfolio that will be presented to the review board.
While his GPA and AS-VAB scores are significantly higher than his competitors, this is not the first thing that is considered.
PFT has higher ranking than the other qualifications.
Matt's score is 292/300. The average scores for the past two OCS (officer candidate school) classes was in the 280's.
So his score is high... but if someone else who is attempting January scores higher they could get the spot.
Now, to our knowledge no one else has scored higher than him at this point. But the other applicants will be doing their final PFT's here shortly.

We just keep praying that we will be accepting of whatever God has for us.
If Matt is not selected for Active Duty, then God obviously has different plans for us.
It is easy to have that mindset right now though. Ask again if he is not selected.
We're hoping for Active Duty.

Yes, we have a lot going on right now.
The baby.
Me traveling... a lot.
Matt working his butt off to meet these requirements in less than ideal circumstances and while he has been feeling under the weather (which seems about right for the Marines).

All prayers are coveted and welcomed.
Thank you so much for your support, family and friends.

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