Friday, October 14, 2011

Week 15

I am now 15 weeks and 2 days preggo.
Baby is certainly growing and so is my belly! Finally!
It is not super noticeable and some may think I've just been gaining some weight... but it's all baby!
Hopefully in the next month it'll round out a little more and make it more obvious there's a peanut in there.

Well, I was hoping second trimester would be smooth sailing.
I've heard it's the easiest of the trimesters and mommies typically have the glow, the belly, and the joy.
Well, I have the joy... the belly is a work in progress... the glow... not so much.
Still not feeling "ok". The nausea let up for about 3 weeks then came back.
Wah. I'm kinda hoping I've just been exhausted and eating on the road makes my tummy turn... but I have the sneaking suspicion that nausea will be an active part of my pregnancy.

Still no aversions. Well, possibly Mexican food. I had Mexican food twice in one day last week. I didn't thoroughly enjoy it. I also don't feel like eating it any time soon.
It really is a come and go thing. Some days I want to eat all the dairy products I can.
The next dairy makes me want to run to the bathroom.
Some days bananas sound good. The next, bananas sound like mush balls.
So it's nothing specific overall. Well balanced.
Although, I did have chicken salad last night (just a little) because that was all they had on the plane. It was in one of those snack boxes you can buy. I don't care for chicken salad and I wasn't sure if I was even supposed to have it. But I ate some. I didn't get sick, but I don't anticipate eating it again. That just shows what a hungry pregnant woman will eat!

No major cravings. I really like juice. I went to the store and bought three different kinds of juice for myself!
I really like fruit as well. It varies on what kind of fruit I want, but fruit is always good and makes me feel better.
Crackers are also favorites, but I think that's more because it calms my stomach.

I've gained 3-4 pounds. My scale says 3. The Dr. office says 4, but I'm also fully dressed when I'm on that scale... and it was at 5:00 pm so I had eaten most of my meals for the day. So let's go with 3 pounds. That's pretty healthy. I gained 2 right away after I conceived and then the last pound snuck in there this past month. Baby is growing though, so I welcome weight gain. As long as it's not like 5 pounds in a day!

I have begun wearing maternity pants. I can still wear my normal pants, but come on now, maternity pants are just SO comfortable. I can't go to work in sweatpants, so this is really the next best thing. Plus, with all my traveling, it's nice to have some give in my pants on the plane and when I'm on my feet all day. I borrowed some from my friend, Danielle, and then bought two pairs of black pants myself. One is more dressy with back pockets and all, the other is like yoga pants, but dressier. So I could wear them to work or an event if need be.

The one thing about pregnancy that has me down is the utter exhaustion. What? You haven't heard that I'm exhausted? Just read through my last few months of posts! It's wearing on me. It wouldn't be so bad if I were in the office 8-5 every day. Thank the Lord that will be true for the most part in mid-November. But travel is wearing all in itself. Working conferences is wearing as the hours are often long and I am on my feet most of the time. Set up and tear down are wearing since there's a lot of heavy stuff to move around. I'm being smart about what I lift, but I want to be helpful as well. I am in Colorado Springs right now and will return home Monday. I have Tuesday off from work and then leave Wednesday for Chicago until Sunday. Yup, it's a busy schedule!

Well, it's about time for me to find a rental car (didn't get one at the airport since we arrived so late last night), load up our goodies, and go to the conference hall to set up. I just want to sleep sleep sleep. The travel yesterday was strenuous. Both flights delayed... lots of turbulance... not horrible neighbors, but not great either.

Time to be a big girl again!

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