Wednesday, October 12, 2011


Sometimes I feel very drained.
The past couple months have been filled with those times.
Right now I feel like there's not possibly enough sleep to make me feel "fresh".
I have Monday and Tuesday off and somehow I still didn't feel rejuvenated from my trip.
Here I am, about to leave tomorrow on another trip.
Maybe when this season is done (mid-November) I'll be able to play catch up.

I took a 2 hour nap today. I planned to pack for my trip tonight and then sleep.
Well, I got up... had a snack (baby makes me need snacks frequently!)... and now I'm going back to bed.
I set out the clothes I want to take, so I should be able to pack in the morning.
I'm not leaving the house until 1:10 so plenty of time.
It's tiring, needing more sleep than what's available.
Does that make sense? I guess it's good preparation for mommy-hood.
Thanks, Baby, for prepping me beforehand!

I am heading to Colorado Springs for the Women's Living Expo.
Not sure what kind of turn out we'll have or how much interest we'll have... but we should be able to go hiking.
If... we're not too exhausted from travel.
My flights home are on Monday. Tuesday I'll have off... then Wednesday I leave for yet another trip.
It's the busy season!

Lord, please give me rest tonight.

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