Tuesday, September 27, 2011

Glee Thoughts

So we don't have a working TV. I mean, it works excellent for DVDs, Blurays and every Xbox and PS game Matthew could want. But... we never got a converter box or figured out if we even needed one... so no actual TV. So... I'm stuck waiting for the new Glee episodes to load on Hulu or Fox for free. I don't really care that much about being a week late. But I did just rewatch the last episode of last season.

How is it that sophomores in high school (speaking of season 1 here) are the Cheerleading Captains and Football Captains? How is it that no juniors or seniors would have tried out for the New Directions? Well, new club... maybe it wasn't hip enough. I guess I can give them that. How would all of these kids be able to actually learn songs every week for their "lessons" and also learn all the choreography... while working on their football and cheerleading? I know, it's a TV show. Anything can happen. And yes, I enjoy this TV show. But it still bothers me. Plus, they are getting new talent... and apparently some of the kids are now "juniors"... good save writers. Interesting, though.

I still can't wait for Damian to make his appearance. If he's in episode one that will be amazing. I don't think he is though.

Also... at a competition, how funny would it be if the High School Musical kids did a guest appearance as a competitor? Now I know, they aren't a show choir, they graduated already, and they don't even look like they're in the same age group as these kids (cause for the most part they aren't)... but that would be funny. Glee has enough other guest stars, that would be an interesting take. But of course, to make it worthwhile they'd have to get all the main High School Musical kids to do it... which might be difficult.

Yes, an entire post on Glee. That's what's on my mind. I came home, at dinner, and went straight to bed. I woke up a little bit ago... and am planning to go back to bed shortly. Seriously, they're not lying about growing a baby being hard work!

On Thursday I have to leave the house at 3:30 am to pick up the consultant who's traveling with me. We will then drive to Roanoke for our 5:30 flight. Stink. Not. Fun. At. All. I didn't realize it was so early. Not excited. And I get to be the driver, excellent. Do I know how to get to Roanoke? No. Matthew always drives. I have directions, but still. Ugh.

The end.

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