Monday, September 26, 2011

Exhaustion... again

I have been heading many of my posts "exhaustion" recently.
There's really no better way to put it.
That seems to be my entire life right now.
With growing a human being paired with traveling for work and long work days at conferences... exhaustion.
I have an eight weekend streak right now for work. I am one weekend in.
This next weekend I leave on Thursday for Denver- fly straight from there to Baltimore- train straight from there to DC... then finally arrive back home via train on Sunday night. 11 day trip.
I will have the following Monday and Tuesday to recuperate and then one day to prep in the office on Wednesday... then back on the road Thursday! At least that will be trip 4 even though it seems like trip 3. Optimism.

While I do see the teeny tiny little bump that has developed on my stomach... not many others do.
I see pictures of other expectant mothers whose bumps appear much sooner than mine seems to be developing.
It's ok though. Smaller baby is A-ok with me!

I feel very behind on life. I know there is a lot of catch up I need to do for work when I return to the office tomorrow.
But it will all turn out ok. And if doesn't... well, I've learned for next time.
Again, optimism is key.

Matt thinks it's funny because all I've wanted for the past year and a half was to be pregnant.
Now that I am I'm cranky and tired and don't want to do much of anything but sleep.
But truth is, I am ecstatic. I am so in love with this baby and wish I could just hold it right now and then let it grow a little more. You know, if that could be a daily occurrence that would be perfection!
But exhaustion gets the best of us!
One day at a time. Making it one day at a time and that gets me closer to my baby.

Contented sigh. 6 more months to go!

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