Tuesday, September 20, 2011

12 Weeks

As of tomorrow, I will be 12 weeks pregnant.

That's 3 months people.

Whoa! When did that happen?

I have the slightest bump... but no one can tell unless you see me in an undershirt.

But still, it counts!

So: some pregnancy tidbits...

Weeks 4-5: Absolute bliss!

We found out during week 4 and could NOT have been more thrilled! Pictures to come someday.

We had begun looking into adoption and had a savings plan in place for that... but we won't have to use that for another 6 years at least!

So so happy! Told immediate family right away. Couldn't keep it in.

Weeks 6-9: Misery.

I took a few sick days.

Tried many nausea tricks, some worked while others certainly did not.

Had to travel for work, which added to the nausea fun.

Week 10-11: Sunshine.

Starting to feel better.

Cradling my tiny baby bump (but I did that in Week 4 too!).

Planning in detail he/she nurseries (which were already mostly planned).

Registering and re-registering as much as possible.

Trying to catch up on "What to Expect"- I was too sick to care before!

Oh yes, first u/s shown below.

Baby danced lots for us. Love love love. So glad Matthew could experience that with me.

Anxious for trimester 2!


Tuna fish (which I never liked but it is extra disgusting now)

Certain kinds of cheese

Spinach salad- unfortunately

Random things on random days: some days hash browns sound amazing, sometimes they make me puke


Nothing out of the ordinary


Bagels, bread, crackers

Sour Patch kids (help with the nausea)

Queso Dip


Certain meats at certain times

Deli meat (too bad I can't have any)

Hot dogs (Matthew looked up how to kill the listeria... but I'm not sure if I trust it)

Crunch Berries (yes, Matthew bought them for me at 11:45 pm)


Beef Fried Rice (like from Golden Wok)

Olga's Snackers

Other interesting things:

Super tired. Go to bed around 7-8 pm every night regardless of when I have to wake up!

More well endowed- But I find it annoying.

I hate it when the cats make biscuits on my belly- I know it won't hurt the baby... but still!

I dropped my last Master's class. I'm registered for it in October... but am losing motivation to finish! I currently have a 4.0 and want to just screw this last class!

My ambition for pleasure reading has dropped- I prefer to watch TV or movies and not really "think". Boring, I know.

Yes, I am telling everyone I know about the baby! Whether they care or not!

Err... there was more I was going to say. But I'm fading fast. I need to go make dinner. Eat. And go to bed. Exciting I know.

Lastly, pray for Matt. He got hit last week. The car is in the shop now. He's fine. We have a rental car. The other guy is covering everything. But it stinks. And pray he continues to do well for his Marines Corps trials. We really really want this.


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Becca, I am so excited for you to have a little one!! Plus I get to see what "my" kids will look like thanks to you and Matt :) SO excited to see you progress in your pregnancy! Congrats!