Monday, September 12, 2011

Excellent Day

Today has been the best day in a good long while!
But more on that later in the week.

For now: this weekend I was in Philly for work.
I went with a rep we borrowed from another department. She was delightful to work with.
The weekend conference was a success. We did well, the other depts did well.
I didn't feel overly exhausted like normal, but you better believe I slept in yesterday morning!
We had a 6.5 hour train ride to and from Philly. That wasn't fun. I discovered I cannot read on trains.
Philly is an interesting place. Maybe Matt and I will take a weekend trip sometime.

I bought some super cute cards in Philly to mail to some friends.
So if you're one of my closest friends (and by closest I mean, super duper closest because I don't have a lot of these cards), then expect some mail soon!

And I still have a whole afternoon to lounge around! A day off is so welcome!
Hopefully a friend will be stopping by later for some girl time.
This is an excellent day!

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