Sunday, September 04, 2011

holiday weekend

So it's a long weekend.
I still have all of tomorrow off.
It's glorious.
Even if I did spend most of the day in bed.
Yup, not feeling the best... but it's still the weekend.

Yesterday we celebrated the anticipated arrival of Baby W Vandegriff.
She will be a much pampered and loved little niece!
Cannot wait to meet her.
I organized the games and thankfully, everyone seemed to enjoy them!
It's always a chore finding games for Baby showers that aren't too... you know.

It was wonderful to see Jamie and her baby bump.
It's hard being away from family.
I'm really hoping that the Iveson family vacation to Lake Michigan happens next year. I'm planning to be there... it's just a matter of if Matthew will be able to come with me.
He'll be at The Basic School during that time.
I'm not sure what his leave time will look like. Maybe he can come in for a weekend at least.

I'm reading for winter.
Summer has overstayed it's welcome.

Ok. Time for some popcorn and a good movie.
Not sure what I'll watch quite yet... but I'm thinking Father of the Bride 1-2!
It's a marathon kinda night.
Nothing better to do when you feel under the weather!


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