Wednesday, August 24, 2011


I haven't had time to post in a bit. I don't really have time to post now.
I am catching a 7:30 train... which means I have to wake up around 5:30. Boo.
At least I can sleep on the train, right?

I took Friday and Monday off as sick days. Slept the better part of those days.

I decided to drop my class that started this week and take it in October instead.
With all the travel I'll be doing during that time it just didn't make much sense.
Plus I've been feeling horrible and just want to sleep sleep sleep when I'm not working an event!

Thankfully, I have AMAZING supervisors who let me have a super flexible schedule.

In other news, I have an amazing family. Both Bonnells and Ivesons.
My husband is wonderful. How did I get so blessed?
My kittens are adorable and it will make me sad if we have to get rid of one of both or them when we move. We're not dwelling on that quite yet.

I leave for DC in the morning. Which means an extremely long weekend.
Not a lot of sleep and lots of time on my feet.
Prayers are appreciated as I still am feeling not well and have this soft spot on the back of my head that is killer.
Literally, killer.

And good night, world.

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