Monday, August 29, 2011

Day Off

Oh I do love my Paid Days Off! Of course, that means I worked the weekend... but it's still nice to be able to stay home on a Monday!

I just signed away about a quarter of my paychecks every month for the next while. More on that later. We have entered into the beginnings of a financial investment. I now it will be worth while... but not having the extra $$$ will sure be sad. But like I said, investment. Have to keep the big picture in mind!

This weekend is my sister-in-law's baby shower in Lynchburg! I am so excited to see her and feel W kick and move. Hopefully we'll get to meet W before she's too big! :-) I'm also in charge of games. I don't like silly baby shower games like smelling the diapers or tasting the baby food. Also... the whole laundry pin for saying the word baby? Puh-lease. So I'm tasked with finding cutesy, not weird games. Enough to keep the 20-30 year old women entertained.

I was in DC this weekend for a work trip. The Executive Director of Enrollment came with my boss and I. Let me just say, she is a wonderful woman and I am thankful to know her better. It was a great weekend. I am starting to feel slightly better so I wasn't totally miserable the entire time. Our trains were canceled to return home... so we drove. Through the hurricane rains. Made it home safely and instead of getting home at 10 pm Sunday, we were home around 9:30 pm Saturday! Much better. It sure was nice to see my husband!

We bought Strawberry popsicles the other day. The kind that are made of 100% strawberries. Oh my word! I had forgot how wonderful they are! Just be careful of little driplets. Sure to stain any clothes you're wearing if not washed immediately.

I officially dropped my class that began last Monday. Best decision I've made in a while, I think. I'll still graduate this semester and it will give me a better chance at successfully finishing with a 4.0. This quarter I'll be traveling at least every other weekend... sometimes every single weekend for the entire month. That's 4 days when I won't have any time to do homework. I just don't know if I can recuperate from travel and do all my gradwork in the remaining 3 days. Plus all the other office stuff leftover. So... I'll just take the class in October and be done with it. It sure is nice to be able to pleasure read, sleep, and watch movies when I want to relax!

Have a wonderful last few days of August!

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