Thursday, September 01, 2011

Long Weekend with NO travel

Sigh. This will hopefully be a good weekend.
Monday off without even having to travel! Amazing.
I looked at the schedule again though. My boss has been making some changes. I'm hoping she's not done yet.
As is... I'll be traveling 8 weekends in a row. Two of which will be full week trips. Looking over it, we'll have to rearrange some Days off as well.
I do enjoy travel, but it is draining! Plus it makes me feel like I don't get anything else done.
Like this week. I feel like I can't start too many projects because I may not have enough time to follow up later.

Anyways, this weekend is my sister-in-law's baby shower. Should be fun. I'm finalizing the games tonight. I have to prepare some things for it.
Plus I have to wrap her present.
Sunday and Monday I plan to just chill chill chill.
Meaning sleep. I feel sleep deprived.
I overslept by half an hour this morning. So my hair is in a ponytail. The first time since taking this job.
I added a fancy headband to counteract the casual look. I tried to add a pouf... but even with my backcombing brush as soon as I leave it sit for like 2 seconds it's straight again. No joke. It's ridiculous.

Yesterday I finally felt "good"/ healthy.
Today I'm back to feeling bleh. I'm hoping it's do to the oversleeping and then hurrying to get ready. Maybe I'll take a long shower tonight. Sometimes showers are better than baths to relax. The pounding of the warm water, etc.

My Amtrak train got canceled this past Sunday. Canceled due to Irene. Obviously no one was on the train.
The guy was able to pull up my reservation on the phone and saw that I had purchased a ticket.
Can he refund my money? No.
He needs me to mail in my ticket before they can refund the money. Even though the train was canceled.
At least I still have my ticket. I thought I had thrown it away.
But that stinks.

I shouldn't write when I'm tired and in a foul mood.
This could be a long day. I brought lots of fruit to snack on throughout the day so hopefully that will perk up my mood.

Oh yes, I discovered the Glee Project on hulu yesterday.
Genius. I love it.
I know who wins because my mom already watched the entire season.
I was hoping Damian would win, but for the purpose of the show I guess it makes more sense for the other dude to win. But hey, Damien can be the hot foreign exchange student, right?
That will probably be his part. Why waste that accent?

Anyways... the end. Time to work.

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