Friday, August 19, 2011

At it's Finest

I guess procrastination pays off!
100 on that final.
I've gotten A's on 3 out of 4 tests in this class, but this was the only 100.
But literally every single one of my other assignments has been a 100 so I'm thinking I'll get an A in the class.
Take that 4.0.

On the downside... I stayed home today.
Slept a lot.
Still feel horrible.

When I get home (I take my tests at Liberty because my internet doesn't like me staying on the same page for that long) I have to do my reference page for my paper and fill in all the citations.
Shouldn't take too long. I have a system.
Then... sitting on the couch until bed (which probably won't be too long after) watching something stupid on Netflix just because I can.
I have two days with no homework... then my last MA class begins Monday.

This is going to be a rough 2.5 months.
Lots of travel for work.
Lots of homework for my last class.
Other personal things going on.
It will be super busy and stressful... but then...
Travel will be limited for the rest of winter and spring (hopefully).
No more classwork... ever!
And hopefully some relaxation.
Oh... and I get to go home the week before Christmas. It will be wonderful.

Ok, time to drive home. Bleh.

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