Thursday, August 18, 2011


I've got a parasite that makes me best friends with my toilet.
It's not pleasant.
Yet, I cannot got to bed because I have a paper to finish and 4 chapters to read before tomorrow.
Then I have to take my final exam.
All due before midnight tomorrow.
At least then I can sleep.

Why am I here? I need a break.
This is the most I've ever procrastinated on a paper.
It's turning out to be pretty good and informative.
I meant to work on it this past week, but traveling is exhausting!
I'll need to be very careful about planning my time for the next two months!
I begin my next class Monday.
It ends in mid October.
I'll be traveling at least half of the weekends between now and then. Maybe more.
I should've pushed this class back.
Oh well.

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