Tuesday, August 16, 2011


There is a lot to be said of my first work trip. But it really isn't worth telling, that much.

I feel very, very drained. To be expected.

I was not fond of my flights. I experienced motion sickness on airplanes for the first time. Normally I enjoy flying.

We had LONG days, but they were productive. The Women of Faith workers are super fun and nice so it will be a pleasure working with them.

I crashed every night when we got back to the hotel.

And Sunday and Monday were spent mostly in bed recuperating prior to the normal work week.

I didn't get any homework done. Which is a major problem.

I have wasted an hour of my time working on my stinking paper... before realizing I printed off the wrong articles and had to find new ones. Bummer.

Got the right articles. About to print them off.

...but now I'm starving. I wasn't hungry when I got home. Now I am. What to do?

Paper due by Friday. Just getting started now.

Final exam due by Friday. 4 chapters to read. When is it going to get done?

At least I'll be done with this class.

All I want to do is sleep.

I am drained. So the rest really isn't worth writing about.

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