Thursday, August 04, 2011


I've been wearing my glasses for about a week straight now.
While they do still slide down my nose, thus giving me a headache...
They allow me to see properly.
I knew my eyes were bad. I knew they were really bad.
But now that I'm used to seeing things clearly, I can't imagine how I used to survive!
How could I read things?
Driving? Forget about it!
It's scary to think of all the things I used to do when I couldn't see anything at all.
I suppose my face will get used to the feeling of glasses on my nose.
That's where the headache comes from.
My face is very oily... so the glasses will always fall off my face.
But at least they look pretty cute!

I have been EXHAUSTED this week.
Every day after work I eat something, relax with a short episode of something, and go to bed!
Not for a nap, though that is my original intention.
I go to bed, wake up around 10 pm... get ready for bed... and go back to sleep until morning.
Yes, it is ridiculous.
Yes, is has caused me to fall very behind on homework.
I am slowly catching up on homework.
I just finished the diagram portion of my project due by Sunday.
I just have to write the 5 page paper to go with it... and read 3.5 chapters for my test due Sunday.
Then I have just a discussion board next week... but I should begin my research paper due by the following week.
And then... another class begins! In the craziest season for my job!
Sigh. It never ends.
That's not true. The class that will start August 22 is my last Master's class. Woot.
Anyways, all that to say... I have been very tired and worn out this past week.
If I didn't have so much homework to do I would be in bed now and sleep all weekend.

My baby friend, Elijah, turns 1 tomorrow! Amazing.
He is such a funny little boy. He brings so much joy to everyone he knows.
I am blessed to know him and his mommy and daddy.

My friends threw me a birthday party on Tuesday.
They also threw me a Bachelorette Party!
Yup, since I never really had a personal shower they threw one for me three years after the fact!
Yes, I have great friends.
We all wonder why we weren't friends pre-marriage.
Life pre-marriage could have been much different (in a good way) if we had been friends back then.

Matt did amazing on his PFT on Tuesday!
He beat his old score by 5 points.
He'll be signing his contract next week hopefully.
Then it's just the review board and his final PFT.
Still praying everything goes smoothly for January.
He should be in really good shape at this point though.

I think that's all caught up to date.

Time to get some water, relax a little now that my project is done, and then bed!

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