Monday, August 01, 2011

Birthday Approaching

Hello, world.

My birthday is approaching this coming weekend. I am not all that excited.
I will be turning 24. Recently, people have been surprised at how young I am.
I take that as a compliment.
But... I don't want to be 24. Not really. Everyone says it's a good year though.
And yes... it certainly has potential to the best year of my life.

Matthew said he knows exactly what he's getting me. He said I've mentioned that I've wanted it for a long time.
I have absolutely no idea what that would be???
I guessed a few things, but he said no to them all. He's much better at keeping secrets than I am.

My parents are probably getting me a kindle.
With my job requiring a lot of travel, it will be beneficial to have a kindle as opposed to thick, chunky books.
For a bit I thought maybe I wouldn't want one, really. But my parents convinced me it was a good choice.
My dad has a Kindle and an iPad and he recommends the Kindle for a reader.

Other than that... I am very very content with life.
We'll see where this next year of life takes me.
24, do your worst.

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