Friday, July 29, 2011

Excellent Weekend

I think this is going to be an excellent weekend.
I had a good Friday at work.
Yesterday Matt and I got our glasses in the mail. I am starting to get used to them.
It certainly is an adjustment though.
But... it is SO nice to be able to see things properly!
While driving into work today I had to remind myself to pay attention to the road and not just how beautiful the trees are!
Even though it's ridiculously hot, Virginia is very green and very pretty.

Then I can home and began my weekend with some slight shopping.
Seriously, it was a Walgreens run, but that still makes me happy.
I watched some episodes of The Office on Netflix and then Blue Crush... just because.
I ate taquitos, which Matt hates. Yum.
I found a haircut I like... but am not sure if I really want to do it.
Tomorrow I plan to get my hair cut in some shape or form.

Tomorrow I get to sleep in.
I am having coffee with my dear friend, Rachel. She is awesome and I am so thankful our friendship has developed in the past year.
When Matt gets home from work we are going to the gym.
Yes, I'm beginning to go back to the gym.
Then we will probably take a nap, because what weekend isn't complete without a good nap?
I will convince him to go out for dinner since we only have side items in the house.
Then maybe we'll go see Harry Potter again.
Maybe we'll get Sweet Frog.
Maybe he'll buy me something pretty.
Maybe all of the above.
Naw, we don't need to spend more money... although, my birthday is next week...

That's right people! Remember that my birthday is next week!
I thought I would be ridiculously distraught over turning 24... but I'm beginning to get excited.
All of my friends who have already passed the 24th birthday say it's a great year.
Most of them say 25 is even better.
So we'll see how 24 treats me.

And... the end.

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